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    Human nature does step up to the plate. Disagree with you tinks..our own Country is extending hand as I know off hand right now, collections are being collected through u.s.a. wide. Other natural disasters we have supported financially in those needs as well. Not only financially but people who go to reach out and help, supplies. So yes it does take a tradegy such as this that does bring people together. It was a historical site. It was also a tourist attraction which helped economy. It was a religious place to many who practice own faith. Only a building agree, but an important one that drew people there to visit, pay respects, enjoy it’s majestic beauty. Those memories are ones that will be a reminder to all those who enjoyed it’s presence..if it be here or any other place in this world..a land mark of beauty and design. Still tradegy.


    Can’t understand the fuss about this. It’s a building. You could transform a lot of lives with $1bn.

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    Transform, or aide and help some others whom work system in first place..dry it up.

    Yes just a building, but a building of universal importance and history. History important as well. Provides future generation knowledge of the past. Foundation of culture from. Scarafices, sweat off others, real hands on work, architecture, design, beauty.. these are the things today’s generation reads only about unless visits and obtains knowledge. Knowledge today is merely a click for this generation. Have no real emotions about history, culture. Only what success will buy them.


    Now the Cathedral has gone – we can replace it with Aldi’s or a corner shop !

    Or perhaps we could re-convert it to trendy airy large apartments – would be a nice little pied a tere.



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    I think it says that people appreciate beauty. I found it very positive.

    I don’t like the comparisons being made between the generous response to the burning of Notre Dame and the mean response to the burning of the Grenfell Tower, for instance.

    There is enough money to spare to help the victims of Grenfell, and to help reduce the inequality and increasing poverty in our society.

    Think of the amount of  money going into armaments for Saudi Arabia to create a humanitarian emergency in Yemen. It’s that which needs to be redirected, and compared to Grenfell and other disasters – not the money which goes into an aesthetic project like notre Dame.


    It tells me that billionaires are looking for favour?….LOL Must admit…never knew he was married to Salma Hayek…….


    I was never a politician and never intend to be…..ill leave the crap talking to sceppers….


    Wow! Divine intervention gets a like from tinks…….great point though…its just a building……….how much will sceptical donate to the restoration of this er historic building?


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