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    Why are english restaurants so mean with food portions?

    A mushroom starter here you get seven or eight.

    I got 56 mushrooms in the usa yes 56!

    I swear they count the peas on your plate here.

    anyway have a sly cig in the toilet they put 100 dollars on your card follow through 3 gallons of mushrooms in your sleep on the sheets nothing gets said?(sorry linda btw)x anyway, i was also the victim of a really great sarcastic comment i feel obliged to share with you.

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    lupe got wind of a place you could bet horses and dogs, like a bar with screens.

    We were driving around for 2 hours and evently we found it.

    stella was two and a half dollars there a pint i kid you not!

    anyway found the bookie out the back of the bar.

    cor i said this place was sure hard to find(was tucked away in the back streets)

    yes friend he said, sorry had to take the sign down for illegal bookies operation!

    went red as a beetroot. 5 stellas in befriended a bloke with a tear drop tattoo on his cheek

    think ive joined some gang.

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    Actually I did get little nervous for our milky..the man had friends with black leather jackets. Biker’s type (motorcycle). Looked around to see what motorbikes they would fly off in. None seen.. I went out for a fag break.. man u gotta watch that milks..never know what trouble he may start or what I may have to remove him from. Dam, my dollar tree store visit was cut off short…soda and water purchases only ladies. Well saved few dollars while he was winning. Lol…


    Lol.. just discussed mushrooms delivered. Yes they were awesome. We always enjoy them there. So what..not shared the massive onion rings order we get also. Mushrooms not only sheet replacement request..onion rings too! O.k. I forgave you. Well a little. Heeeeeeee. X


    Ever wonder why the USA has the highest number of obese people, pro rata in the world ?  lol…   (no offence to Linda, the UK is also struggling )

    Personally, I hate big portions, puts me off before I start and watching people in a carvery pile as much as humanly possible on their plates, with it spilling off the edges, makes me feel positively nauseous !!! Maybe I’m just odd, it has been said before !!!  :wacko:   :unsure:   ;-)

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    #1111495 offense taken..

    Think problem and obesity in which u absolutely correct has few factors here. First off as 2 parents more so work food joints to be the in thing. Less home cook meals. Secondly..adults tired when come home, but funny kids rather sit at t.v. play games as well and very very picky on food selections. Pain in bottom..

    But in my opinion..what I hear..see..people here feel if paying for a meal at a good cost..want a full plate. Lol..go to fancy restaurant..outrageous prices..they bring spoonful pototoes. Where the fish and meat idea and then go back home hungry.. so yep, Depends what types of places u eat at too. But I do agree. My eyes some times bigger than my stomache. Amazed myself at portion sizes. 2 meals worth. I generally bring home doggy


    I love my food and I can definitely put a good portion away,  however even I find the portions in America way way way too big… where I can I order child portions! they are basically equivalent to our normal portions ish, however I do still struggle demolishing the whole lot off….then they offer you a doggy bag to take home!….why would you want to?

    As for desserts…now again I love a dessert and never ever share it but again over there…we share one dessert for 3 of us roughly….such a waste of food…oh and we only have breakfast and an evening meal over there….3 meals and snacks in between is just too much

    Nice to see Linda and Milky had a lovely time, not sure who Lupe is though


    so in short milko pigged out then shat the bed

    have I read this right?


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    U travelled all that way to count the mushrooms on ya plate?

    hope nobody got hurt.




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    Ty kenty, Thin for once yes you are bang on the money,And yes ruthless after that misunderstanding in amsterdam i always count how many mushrooms i eat

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