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    IT is one of my songs but I will put it in poem form oh any resemblance to a reg in here is purely coincidental.

    well they start off so small
    being monitors in the hall
    raising their hands in classrooms and telling teachers the news
    but they always gave me the blues,with their highly polished shoes
    they never pushed in ,in queues
    while telling the teachers the news

    well they start off being a tell tale tit
    but then they start to graduate bit by bit
    never had fleas never had a nit
    their satchels always shine and their clothes always fit

    well im gonna go out and do some shooting
    yeh im goin out and stick the boot in
    cos I detest them and I hate them
    the way I feel I just wanna waste them
    they are put on this earth to tout and tout
    anything going on its known about
    well they’ve got a tale to tell
    they have to tell a tale
    and they tell it that well
    that we all end up in jail

    that’s not all of it im only half way thru I just dint want to waste my time to write it all just for it to be pulled
    but if its here later on I will post the rest
    and that’s when it really gets to the point
    so hopefully laters yeh.

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    Not bad cosy,.😎 but Sarah’s poems and songs are much better 😁

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    Btw, what key is it in? 🎼🎹


    c with a bit of d and e minor

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    I enjoyed that Orson as a poem.

    Glad its not about anyone who chats here.

    And thank you babble darling you are too kind x


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    part 2

    well im gonna kill em all,im the man to do it
    I was gonna rob a bank,but I went and blew it
    cos when I got there the police already knew it
    down to touts,yeh down to touts
    well im gonna break myself a nose
    you gotta break a nose sometimes

    in fact im gonna grab myself a grass
    and stick bottles up his _ass
    im gonna get me a nark
    and bury him in the park
    kick them till they fall,put em against the wall,hang em by the balls
    cos they are sneaky sneaky sneaks
    and creepy creepy creeps
    and they are snidey snidey snides
    all bad on the insides

    then its all ad libbing as im fading the song out

    then ends with me saying the best way of keeping a secret is by telling nobody
    quick bang of a drum

    then im gone coat on,to the pub.

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    Ouch I’d not want to pee you off.


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    lol sairs

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    c with a bit of d and e minor

    So does it modulate from C Major to D min & Emin or just change chords?


    its a bit intricate tbh babs man
    best way to explain it to you is,i just grab a load of chords,sort of shake them in my palms then chuck em in the air and whatever lands and I catch
    I just play that

    the music isn’t that important to me…well it is but
    my lyrics are more important to me,because I can get my words across to people,who I want to love,hate,dismiss etc,and they don’t realise they think oh its just him messing about doing songs and poems and all that bollox what he does,you know what hes like

    yeh well id prefer to do what I do to get across to people
    than just playing instrumental music

    the days of twanging a guitar serenading women on balconies are over
    there gone..history…get over it.

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