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    I think like many, that rush and anticipation to take off gives us all an adrenaline rush…

    Leaving very early..whew not yet the morning commuters going to work, arrived to more construction work at airport, one lane divisions and beeping horns. Finding right terminal and then looking above you and hearing planes, well please get me on darn plane. Haa..haa. check in bags not too bad..but boy where do all these people come from when you get on security check line, opened bags and electronic walk throughs.. gate finding not too bad, but confiscated my morning java! So had to buy another when got through the checks.

    Sitting here finally and watching people very interesting in all the different clothing wear and thinking where come from? New styles? Little children dragging their luggage, so very adorable. One little boy ran into me with his teddy bear, dropped it and panicked as his parents didnt know he lagging behind. Shouting to them as boy told me dad’s name redirected their attention. Picking up his bear, parents relief, boy thanked me with his teddy bear and kissed me on the chin. Too funny.. called him snoopy. So that a treat..

    I saw a bit ago the team guess flying plane I am taking. Stewardess, guys, well not twiggy or number 10’s. I rate the Captain, oh my he sharp. Maybe I see if can visit the cock pit before lift off.

    I guess this my thing at airports..people watcher. All sizes, shapes, interesting just to sit and wonder who going to be on my plane.

    Well setting up desk. Got my boarding pass. Yippy I love to fly.. so adios for a bit. Be well to those unwell. Stay safe if you have any holidays you going on.

    So what do you like about airport drama? Final destination.? :bye:

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    linda yer flies are undone…..lmao ratf pml


    So what do you like about airport drama? Final destination.?

    I tend to feel weird at airports, especially when travelling a long distance.

    It’s like you’re between countries legally, culturally, in every way.

    Caught midway, not belonging anywhere for a little while.


    I remember going away and usually you know we have passes so we usually don’t see much at all,no queues just easy travel but I think it makes you more shocked when something happens and once as we flew in to NYC I look to my right and the guy has a badge and I think we’ll that’s normal but notice the guy next to him?,not so much. Flying a felon . I moved seats lol . It did make me wonder what he had done. Makes you wonder lol.


    Sarah, I was once chosen as the terrorist suspect on a flight from Boston. The airport used me as the guy who would act as rehearsal stooge, with agents trailing me and checking on me at each stage.

    It was strange, but as a reward I was given good treatment.


    I don’t enjoy  airports . very over crowded .queing etc  getting rid of bags and then the  slog through security  with shoes off belt off etc . I can recall taking my kids to Disney. on sth flight we asked Dif our sons could go see cockpit . 5 isn later stewardess.  took them both. up. these days nobody allowed within 5 feet of cabin locked door. shame .  then you have teh collecting bags  scuffle .everybody in a hurry  get elbowed aside and so few obey. teh. keep back lines etc overall not ideal.


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    The rush to fly at Sarah always gives linda an adrenaline rush….LMAO RATF PML

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