• Every now and then you’ll come across people who decide to try and abuse another or even you and no one and their auntie can work out why,it literally just happens. Sometimes you’re happy and they see that as you being thick somehow or just have had so much bad stuff happen to them that they see happy as creepy. Sometimes they don’t know why they…[Read more]

  • Whether you like or dislike Mizzy/Cheeseburger or not,this event shouldn’t happen to her,nor anyone else. Girls or guys you’ve utterly no excuse to cam any man or woman whose either drunk or got mental health issues. When you do this,you’re not getting consent,you’re taking advantage. I saw lots pleased that this in fact happened to Mizzy on this…[Read more]

  • Thin,so rude,lol. And nice to meet you btw

    Mr, didn’t John thaw die? Lol

  • SaraPepsiMax replied to the topic Why Merlin? in the forum Getting serious 1 day, 17 hours ago

    The reality is Mizzy no one knows the truth of anyone’s lives unless they were there. So many lies have been told ,everyone’s heard worse and it not been true. People want to believe something is true but always doubt. But why do you need confirmation?why care about what someone says? Seeking validation constantly is a personal problem not theirs.…[Read more]

  • I’ve been gone,3 years,back 3 days. The thing is many will always come and go and many will stay for good. And while I’m really happy to catch up with some I really missed ,I’m stunned at the fact nothing has changed. Format maybe but it’s the same rows the same debates the same tactics and awfully the same conduct unbecoming. Girls, there are…[Read more]

  • SaraPepsiMax posted an update 2 days, 1 hour ago

    Come back to visit after 3 years and it’s exactly as if I left yesterday,same rows people have same discussions lol. It’s like it has its own much slower time zone lol

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    Ah! Cruz! We met already,JustSara,you visited F1 and F2,Hope you’re finding it fun and welcome to the jc! :bye:

  • Welcome Andrew! Hope you have fun! happy chatting!

  • LOL It’s an absolute joke to get trolled by regs,just for saying welcome to new people,LOL ,How that effect’s your delicate sensibilities I don’t know, Oh wait,you told me,I’m new myself ,only been here 54 days so shouldn’t be welcoming others. You know what? You’ve been here all this time and your first thought is what YOU want,not other people…[Read more]

    • I don’t know what sparked this post but since you seem confused, I will try to shed some light.
      “The regs” are not trolling you and if they have questioned you, it’s not just for saying welcome, Sara. I think the issue here is not only do you welcome new members, you also segregate the chat room by creating passwords with these new members and “…[Read more]

  • Actually Cherrie your debate as to people with ‘mother issues’ went on for over 22 minutes. It was sustained and had no bearing,because…He wasn’t there..Id yes, but he was on another page and had brb’d some time ago,You didn’t ‘make him quiet’ as you so stated,he was steaming football.
    This is a sad post,it really is because I genuinely thought…[Read more]

  • Cherrie. I give you absolute kudos for your post and being upfront enough to speak and explain some of the things.I believe that some things never get explained in jc and that leaves people with a very bad impression.I hope to clear up a few myths.
    I spoke to a member of jc after I watched someone get abused,I hadn’t seen anything like that and…[Read more]

  • Actually that is the only issue,Dog nights. Recently I was in jc late and was the only name remotely female and only female actively talking,one member got nasty and sent full pm page declaration of how he would rape me,the others kept talking in chat asking for attention ,calling eachother names ect ,telling me to talk to them ect.The pm box…[Read more]

  • It really does seem to help, I watched new people log in and log out before and the regs never said hi,My annoying welcome to jc might annoy some on occasion but the newer members now say hi to new people too,So it works. One of the newbies said something that made me think a little,F2 is not heavily populated,if some newbies are too nervous,or…[Read more]

  • Jack..You’re secretly showing you’re smart,Lol.
    Why did the people in the forum stop coming?seems a good idea. At least for the legal side .
    Given hints and tips they seem to be doing ok. I watched 14 come in,I adopted 5 and my five are still here in F1 and there is one of the non adopted that did thier own thang ,still coming back,the rest…[Read more]

  • Actually… That is a good point. That’s what we need really a general host. I mean booting is the only possible action but if they got booted say after enough warnings. Things that are enough to make people leave like ralphy currently with the race stuff, or Adolf aka shiddy with his spam and lol with his spam. I mean their adults,the room is 24…[Read more]

  • JackH ,Lol

    I escaped chat and came here… Lol,
    You always spot me first! Lol The first welcome I get is saaaaaaaaaaaara Lol ,Your the natterer :P But I like it! Even if I check my pockets after :P

  • ChatHostUk, :)

    It would be nice to stay, I hope to. I’m the annoying Sara who says welcome to the jc to any new names! . So far offering support and checking their ok,but I have only 5 newbies stay. I’m hoping the regs will read this and help a bit more, or at least see that F1 does need some new people added. And hopefully those nervous of who…[Read more]

  • So I’m the annoying one Sara, who everyone thinks lives in Jc…I’m not confirming or denying that,Lol. I have been here just over a month.. . Now,I might be totally wrong but it seems that there is a lot! Of people who have been here for years… Some coming back too. It’s all well and good but, half the time when you see a new name they are out…[Read more]