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    I know this is an unusual subject but if it helps anyone then good. Earlier in the year I heard a strange story where a council (yes,you heard it right) stopped the housing benefit of a dad of three and threatened eviction for no rent paid then told him he would have to make a new claim and sign onto Universal credit, this isn’t lawful. For new claims yes but they can’t just stop the housing benefit and force people onto Universal credit. That case was won in court earlier this year, yet this week they tried it again,to the same family this time the council were informed legal action would follow and the council backed off apologised and restored full benefits. I don’t know if it’s happened to any of you, or if all councils are adopting these practises and there are some triggers they are called that will force people onto Universal credit but double check yourself, don’t just believe what you’re being told even if you think the advisor isnt allowed to lie,double check. also be aware councils do have their own triggers too but they should do things legally at all times. If they are willing to plunge a father of three whose wife passed away months ago then god knows who else they are doing it to. If any authority tries,tell them you want to check it independently and legally. And any big-mouth comments about people on benefits don’t start,I pay my taxes and don’t mind paying for those who need it like them.


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    Trouble is there are a generation of people who think working 16 hours a week so not to loose their benefits

    is a career choice

    the 16 hours a week they work means they won’t ever pay tax

    in short they are a serious drain on society

    im not against benefits per say

    quite the opposite

    but they should be a short term option for those in need and not a life style choice




    It is bound to happen, we were taught you hit 16 you get a job, people are taught now, go to college till you’re 19 then work through uni, they have years less of work than we did and are told by us and I include myself in this how lucky they are compared to us. They see their work as more effort than we saw ours, in fact I doubt some of them could cope with the same hours of work , our idea was do what you want and have to, theirs is “I’m not working that many hours for that money” and we have a system that says ok to it. That said I agree if they are parents because I think it has more value having a parent at home looking after kids than not, for them I think part time is good. They’re still teaching kids the value of work but also looking after them. Work experience brought back into schools I think would be better and a bigger variety, let kids do part time with an allowance to give them chance to decide the full time then the allowance stops at 19 so they’re prepared to go into full time work. Every qualification I have I did at work, this sending them to college doesn’t work for every child.

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    Suckers do a 40 to 50 hour week

    For Example… thin ice probably almost certainly has worked for well in excess of 40 years, yes you’ve guessed it,  after 4 long decades of scrapping by still has nothing to show for it. Working his fingers to the bone sweating like his offspring in a straight club.

    For fabulous people like myself that have a decent car, villa abroad and a healthy bank balance, for sitting on my behind raking it in ( raking it in as in not hard manual labour like this chap above has done for 40 years ) Concluding his true iq of – 0.

    He is so angry about us people that double his monthly income by doing notta, it angers him that much he just couldn’t wait to share his iq on this subject.

    So if he keeps killing himself with hard manual labour earning half as much as we do on a monthly basis, shouldn’t he not show his true thoughts on this with thee old and i quote ” to LOOSE their benefits ” < NOT LOSE MIND YOU LOOSE > To then also state and i quote ” i’m not against benefits per say ” lol whose he trying to kid

    Sara love put this lunatic back in his box.


    Looks like morg has opened his mums Christmas card and used the tenner to join here again

    happy Christmas morg luv x

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    after 4 long decades of scrapping by

    Scraping by


    You’re welcome.

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    after 4 long decades of scrapping by

    Scraping by

    You’re welcome.

    Did you pay for his latest membership again ?


    If she did I personally commit her. Is she serious? Not learn lesson?


    That’s the one thing I’ve always refused to do, any job I hate. In school one of our teachers, insanely our art teacher,hated his job ,hated kids, told us weekly he did. I’ve tried lots of jobs, stuck to four or five I can do easily. Staying in a job you hate seems to be self imposed slave labour. It either has to be a job you love,or it pays damn well. Anything else is crazy.

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