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    I’m sure it’s all a terrible mistake…but I seem to be banned from the chat on my ip address…….I wouldn’t like to think this ban is an attempt to silence my support for the women’s collation in up coming elections….the higher u barriers the higher I climb…

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    How dare they block you?!  Wait, what did you do? Lol message a guide and ask them what’s up, do you even know you’re really banned? The room doesn’t work for me sometimes.


    Yes this account is banned from messaging in the rooms.

    We have totally no idea why.

    Total mystery.

    I hope this problem is solved very soon as I personally feel aggrieved at this precise time.


    I said good day

    and please sort out your failed advertising.

    top and right.

    widget issue? reload your advertisers html.

    now you lot wind your necks in, foot ball, bitches, you couldn’t built a fortress with jelly on the end of a spoon so why argue with me?

    Fat women eat too many chips just saying, rick Astley came to my house for peppermint tea I said youre a vegan leave my bacon alone.

    laters and trump really should change his name cos that’s what we call a fart, not doing politics but I’m going to say your head is far too big for your body and that t-shirt really does not suit you.

    my nipples are getting hard and I live with my mother and I am so confused

    wimmin – all biartches

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    oh and NONE of you are my monkeys.



    YOU  forgettable disrespect our President. Take that fart and shove it where sun don’t shine. Ty




    You’ll miss me more than I miss u….just sayin like

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    What a name IT gave itself heh. (Posting a thread) Too bad no new name change like “Disappears for good!”


    Not you blue..



    This is what you get for breaking up with me.  :bye:

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 37 total)

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