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    For such a long time said maybe try but well the word “Quiz” lol always turned me off I assume from my youth in school days. Words of Quiz and pop quiz oh geez I cringe and sink in my chair.

    However tried once actually was fun and thank GD and others. I did giggle and say silently omg where these questions come from…. oops hell I don’t know, answer duh..ummm, u kidding me.. lol

    2nd trial..sorry GD, totally froze after short bit and my connection to JC lost for few hours. Sorry..

    But thank you all for making me laugh and not feel too uncomfortable you smarty pants few of you. Lol…

    Can’t make Thursdays, (work) will try again… Sunday or Tuesday..



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    Linda, its the taking part that matters and if you had fun then its a bonus  ;-)

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    I actually did..was on pins and needles at first..then laughed at the ready set and go responses. But it was learning new or relearning old which caught my interest. Better than brain teaser games. X


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    And p.s. my fellow yank (giggles) puds was on a role, sober he said too. Wow..impressive cheat he is. Lol lol


    I’m the same, I go for the giggles ,it really is the people that make it, GD is awesome and it’s so funny when LD comes in,she cracks me up. I’ve missed about a week! But hopefully will make Sundays ,See you there Mrs Milky ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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