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    yes made by me lets see who the smart people are, maybe just post: yes or no, wud be enough. :good:   :wacko:

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    no he was in a really bad mood, he spent at least 40 minutes abusing me and calling me names  but  he did say sorry to you.

    he wanted to hurt people and he did a good job you were so lucky he said sorry to you but he lliterally called me everything for a very long time I’m not even sure ive ever been abused like that before



    well according to the messages you send me, which I duly ignore.. ya might be..


    told ya so doll… Ignore !


    yes MIZZ i did but i was defending my self and yes u did say sorry to me for telling me to stfu.


    i just checked my (toddler brain) in adult scull list – rubyred is on there u c people, i am good at knowing who the bad people are.



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    so it is atm – no 1/yes 1


    No you are not retarded honey x

    This what I am posting now is only a mere tiny example of what he was saying yesterday


    the neediness of your harrasment shows me what an obnoxious arrogant tramp you are mizzy, do you not have some hidders to flirt with?

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:27:44 pm

    gosh quite a list of abuse then

    Sairs73 Oct 26th, 7:28:02 pm

    I am just informing you of my opinion mizzy

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:28:07 pm

    Nope, I’m just plain old “Paul” and “Paul JC”


    Oct 26th, 7:28:07 pm

    I think you are spineless ect

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:28:16 pm

    so not a mizzy fan then

    Sairs73 Oct 26th, 7:28:18 pm

    ok PAUL


    Oct 26th, 7:28:22 pm

    dont always play victim little girl, this is an adult room, get used to adult talk

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:28:46 pm

    daddy asleep again master?

    Guest 765

    Oct 26th, 7:28:51 pm

    ok big man

    Sairs73 Oct 26th, 7:28:59 pm

    zonked out watching pointless girls

    Guest 765

    Oct 26th, 7:29:03 pm

    are you insane master?

    Guest 765

    Oct 26th, 7:29:21 pm

    big man abusing women in chatrooms

    Sairs73 Oct 26th, 7:29:21 pm

    keep your childish self centered delusional opinions to yourself and you’ll have no ‘abuse’ as you call it, from me… comprendeh?

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:29:25 pm


    Sairs73 Oct 26th, 7:29:32 pm

    you aint a woman, you’re a cunt

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:29:35 pm

    will be if i watch geriatric quiz shows again

    Guest 765

    Oct 26th, 7:29:38 pm

    what are you spanish now

    Sairs73 Oct 26th, 7:29:38 pm

    a troll loving spineless immoral cunt

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:29:42 pm

    why you talking to me you dumb mug?

    Guest 100

    Oct 26th, 7:29:51 pm

    after  a whole lot more abusive language and nastiness he got booted.

    Id only been in there a minute, he had a go at me for being friends with someone he doesn’t like and got nasty.

    Only reason I have posted up this chat is to show you that you did nothing wrong JN and he really didn’t mean what he said he was just really angry at me

    Of course you are not a retard xx

    Mags doesn’t have ‘toddler brain’ but he is a grotty paranoid nasty f**kwit who does not like women xx



    Ruby’s been sussed

    *shakes head and sighs


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