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    Jn, you are a very well presented, :good: :good: :good: :good: :good: fine young man and I’m proud to be associated with you, you are my very ‘special’ friend.





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    @shiddy is that a yes or no ha? -*oh so i guess u got my link by private message*



    My engagements, chats if you will have been rather pleasant. In the beginning here joining, had some difficulty with you, but our way has been rather smooth and nice over the months..I enjoy those exchanges and pics.

    You hee, are not retarded, actually impress me at time with threads and chats.. so do not think u are what call yourself…..



    oh @Sairs73 yes i know 100 not the other chatter in that day called PAUL but aka real mag paul, was a bit horrible to me, but he hated that and did say sorry fast, and said sorry repeatly in the pm, i have accepted his sorry as not many if any poeple i have had prob with say sorry to me when it is there own error not mine, and other says sorry weeks or months later what to me i will listen to but not always accept, but anyway 100 did say sorry to me a lot in pm and compliment me as well, i did say to him thou dont do that error again as he knows what list he will go on.

    anyway i understand u might think it was related to the context with me and 100 yesterday but, no it was not about that, it is about something else, and anyway this is a good time to see who are the scumbags and who are the clever people, obv scumbags will be on my list if not already, but yes it is about another reason but that is confidential…..


    yes – 1/no – 2


    Retarded?. Minimally exceptional i believe they call it.


    No…change the t to a g and get a yes



    yes – 1/no – 3


    Guest 756 – STAP and me in f2 –



    justnothing, i have reviewed your retard thread and see it as 2-2

    Guest 756

    Oct 27th, 9:33:02 pm


    , 9:33:15 pm


    no 1/3 now STAP

    JUSTNOTHING Oct 27th, 9:33:21PM


    warmaster said you’re a retard just

    Guest 756

    Oct 27th, 9:33:31 pm



    to me he was just talking about the topic STAP

    JUSTNOTHING Oct 27th, 9:34:28 pm




    JUSTNOTHING Oct 27th, 9:35:15 pm


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    Hi jn not you are def NOT retarded youre a unique and special person wish more were like you

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