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    With religion i take open mind.For instance isn’t religion man made kind of insurance for the here after.Ive noticed with everything around you goes around in circles life death being born, are we born again as some body else to repeat the same process?. Also how did god appear on the scene ?Who made him?Plus who wrote the bible? There are a lotta questions still to be answered.



    so true. I also ask same question over and over. How world started? Did we evolve around apes cycle.  At a young age our parents kind of give us a path for religious beliefs. When we get older decide own paths.

    I do believe some higher power unknown to all started creation. We know normal creation, birth, death cycle.

    Bible in my opinion deciphered by dead sea scrolls and philosphers opinions. Study of history and ancient times.

    Did God exist not sure tbh. But man named Jesus said his father and walked around providing people a hope for a better life, future. Different times. Today we sadly look for politicians whom can make life better.

    Religion is so controversial. Root is beliefs. Cause, those who go out and take beliefs to many introducing to better quality of life.

    Think many with you on that kiwi. Uncertainity…..


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    Heres a question to soms?

    Are you sorry you became a glory hunting twat man u this and man u that you brainwashed eejit

    Oh sorry you have to to ask a question ok soms have you ever kissed a bloke

    2have you ever been bummed?

    3 not saying

    Cosy. Deep breaths,IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT. Now you feeling better?

    1st question Supported from the early 70s so NO!

    Have i ever kissed a bloke? Yes i kiss my sons everytime we meet up.

    Have i ever been bummed? Nope not got a bi bone in me bod and wouldnt want a bi bone in me bod.

    No im not married. As said i will never marry again.


    3 Questions for Cosy.

    Is it true that the only reason you didnt get on with Thin is because he turned you down when your trousers and kecks were around your ankles?

    Is there ever a day when your not off your face?

    And is it true that you found out after Archie’s death you had lost your willy warmer?

    Sorry Kenters. X

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    It’s all cool Somer….its a post even if Cosy Conehead goes off tangent  :whistle:


    But come on Jesus and god really?😁😏

    I don’t think for most peoples its about God or Jesus…..its about finding somthing that we can take comfort in…..that might be “asking” someone or somthing ….for people living on their own it may be a comfort them believing someone is listening or looking out for them

    Just because you believe it doesn’t mean you are loopy or an extremist IMO..

    I think I have mentioned it before here….I am Sikh….the majority of Sikhs are born into our religion….I take what i want from it when it suits me…and I don’t mean asking for a lottery win or even good health I mean more tranquility …I also play morning and evening prayers most days when I remeber….I don’t understand any of the words TBH but I love the peace and calm they bring.


    If you could turn back time what would you look back in disbelief and think I actually did that?


    If you could turn back time what would you look back in disbelief and think I actually did that?



    With religion there are no definitive answers as to who our real creator is there fore ppl use any form of  man made so called religion as a crutch or form of insurance for the here after creating situation for fanatical s to create havoc and use that to there advantage as what you are seeing today.


    In my personal opinion if you do have religious beliefs initially they were introduced to you most often by your parents beliefs and the environment of faith you grown up with.

    As said before in this thread think it depends on what comfort zone of faith may fit for you.

    I do know some use terms for relief or pointing out religious terms. I question why term used then.

    Example: Jesus why was that so hard to do? Jesus Christ that so annoying! Jesus, really!


    Oh God thank you, so needed that! God I didn’t think that happen to me! Oh God, really!

    Some as we know use Allah. My point trying to make is that religion terms are used in basic conversation.

    Do we go around saying thank you edison I didnt loose my electricity in the storm. Oh Bell my phone worked during a storm. We don’t.

    So we turn to use religious terms in good times and bad times.

    NOW yippy I won 50 on a scratch card. Glad God I only spent 1 dollar. 49 profit.

    Our currency bills say “In God we Trust.”

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 46 total)

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