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    sorry to hear about leatherjackets issues. my sister in law  had cancer of breasts ( both removed) and have friend with ongoing cancer. another whom died from it etc  wife currently on ECG monitor .stage 3 kidney problems  and I  get breathless  and chest pains at times . so old age? or just life.  wishing everybody a good year despite problems and may life improve for you all.   as for sex /groove.. hmm not sure I can remember any of that ..:(  still life goes on and why do we ask why about things when we know we may not get an answer ? :wacko:


    That’s cheered me up no end…


    JUST H.

    Sorry to read health issues for u and wife. Golly I send my good wishes and love.

    Getting older sure does have it’s challenges. Keeping up beat not always easy for sure. Xx keep faith friend.

    Guess my ? Would be challenges.

    How do u face your challenges when life may throw u a few curve balls?


    H. With age comes issues. Hope you and yours can beat yours. Mike.


    Heres a question to soms?


    Are you sorry you became a glory hunting  twat man u this and man u that you brainwashed eejit


    Oh sorry you have to to ask a question ok soms have  you ever kissed a bloke

    2have you ever been bummed?

    3 not saying


    Jolly u a pure asshole

    Opened up to ask ?

    Not direct at that person directly, comment.



    Get Fck d Linda I’m not homophobic I’m just saying just cos soms is married doesn’t mean he’s not gay so keep your beak out




    Keep ur f..n beak out. This is NOT A POST directed to asking an individual a question.

    It general for all to comment and ask a question. Basically all or anyone can answer.

    So tootles dipshit

    You looking to attack..


    Ah ok I’m not welcome on this thread just like the quiz then

    Ok I do my own threads then

    Ah but  the problem is nobody ever replies🐎 :cry:


    I’m looking for a beak emo not any old beak a gargantuan beak any help please?I swear to that fake conman who used to shag fishermen and say to them please be my disciple I’m God’s son lying barstard

    Oh yeh while im at it god lol the devil is mocking him    that’s why there so many disasters anybody who believes in god purely my opinion is a total nobwrap

    I’ve seen them all outside churches on a Sunday all dressed up with their shiny shoes me and my mates sit there drinking beer smoking jays we never say anything we just grin dickheads

    On saying that i do beleive that people depend on faith

    But come on Jesus and god really?😁😏

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 46 total)

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