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    I hope that in this case, I am very very wrong.



    Depends what China does.



    no as I don’t live there. polarity of views seems to be order of them day in world.  here inUK we have Brexit versus Rejoin EU .. China with Honk Kong freedom lovers against communist rule and various other mini wars and conflicts all over the globe.  sadly mass population growth seems to be only real link to all.  :wacko:   :wacko:


    Whether we like it or not, a strong U.S.A helps to keep some semblance of control on China, Russia and all the other ‘bad’ actors of the world. Without the U.S.A, Europe may not have won World War 1 and it definitely wouldn’t have won World War 2. Everyone’s lives have hung by tiny threads of history.

    Any kind of major insurrection or,God forbid Civil War will weaken America and allow those naughty countries to pounce and expand their spheres of influence.

    If you don’t believe that is their agenda, consider the Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And then there’s the Chinese takeover of the entire South China Sea to the chagrin of many other nations.



    Wars of the political parties will continue to rise to compete and gain control over the American people. Persuade, redefine, implement new laws, trash our History and amend in any power holding person.

    American people got so sick of  waiting for stimulus checks to help small businesses their own communities came out. Not the government. People paid forward and are helping them out to survive.. barstool has raised so much money that other big organization helping out and joining in. GOVERNMENT lol. That who American people are.  We stand by. We support and help.

    I am not really a community diner person. I go 4x a week now to get my lunch like others to keep them afloat like others do. I go to a small pastry shop in my community 25 years ready to fold so so sad.lovely and others pop in get coffee and a muffin. I pass on my foods however. Local floral shop 50 years in my community I go once a week and spend few dollars for a stack of fresh flowers. Our support, love, help, keeps employees and business afloat.

    Screw government right now..we take care of  each other.  Unity lol. U see that on media. What a joke. Biden or Harris lol.



    Linda – I hope Biden’s GOVERNMENT gets stimulus and relief faster to you than trump’s GOVERNMENT did.



    Hello Andy the word on the street in Ireland is america will have a civil war and beleive me the old people saying it they  know what u had for breakfast before you have even had it .I hope it doesnt happen we can only hope and pray that it wont

    god bless america and its people

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    All the world been impacted by this covid. Lockdowns unbearable for us all. Mandating tiresome for all. Is there some light at end of tunnel? We all pray for it and want it badly as it enough and tragic enough and our very young children and education being impeded and growth.

    Political unrest and division has been another disease playing havoc in our Country. Race, gender identity, History, renaming, eliminating, banding, lawlessness, rule of law tweeted, destruction, hate, violence has also impacted our daily life.

    Hopefully that light will shine on us all soon and we can get back some normalcy and move on. As to when God knows, till then we survive and do best we can find some peace, rest. Resolve.

    God bless your Town Rosanna and your other communities and ur land you love and stand by. X ty


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 19 total)

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