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    Omg! Blast from past


    Welcome back Sceps. Sorry to tell you that Alfie has taken your place as Ge’s number 1 target 😂😂😂


    Thanks, Somer.

    I think I can live with any shift in Ge’s rage. Alfie was making such good points – I thought he’s really done his homework when I read them up earlier – so it’s a shame he had to spoil it with his homophobic jibes at the end.

    Anyway, I am intending this to be a very occasional  foray and don’t intend to respond to abuse.

    You take good care of yourself in these strange times, Mr S.




    Nice one Mr S – a person who accuses someone else of effectively being a rapist deserves all the homophobia he gets – unless you agree with his rants of course.

    Concentrate on the facts – not on the accusations.



    Oh scep you and I  always danced with politics. Lol. Glad to see you well. AND NO I will not debate politics with you as you are thick head as well. You read that Constitution book I gave you? Giggles…



    Linda, trump had the constitution hanging up in his oval office loo. He’d tear off a few pages to wipe his fat arse. That’s what he thought of it. As we speak, he’s probably taking his last shit on Air Force 1 tripping down to Florida. I think they’d better give it a supreme deep clean before the next Pres uses it.

    Have you read that unemployment graph Linda?  You keep saying you will.



    The story so far:


    Sceptical guy = Gerry Boi = Ge = alfie




    Really sad warhol you sounding like a real dick now..


    Oops a lady  must not express that to you. Calling you a “Dick ”

    So simply, as you can not contain or hold a gentlemen / woman debate in a better manner I shall not entertain you with knowledge, facts or opinions as your true colors have been exposed.


Viewing 9 posts - 11 through 19 (of 19 total)

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