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    I was away for a while……not as linda retorted as a guest here  but away on business. Funny how….while I was away thin ice was the next person to be under attack  on the boards.

    But then ive always said….Milky, Somer and GE normally only come in to attack people….

    Just to remind……pixie can never get to me…….nor can any kind of intimidation here but you are entitled to your opinion of course.

    Shame so many on here view their opinions as facts and then attempt to enforce it on every one else.

    Give my regards to orson……LMAO RATF PML



    Oh look Q’s back. Been away on business? Is that a different word for stalking ?

    So ya back cause King Bow gave you a slap for it and and Dipsy told you “on ya bike”

    So JC is back to loads of Mr Q’s threads jest because he can.


    Gives a two finger wave aka fool off.

    And as Dipsy said to you

    ON YA BIKE  :bye:




    Brilliant, solo cycling holidays with a pop up tent, a hexi burner and 4 tins of Heinz now count as “business”.


    Hope you didn’t forget your ‘slime’, Q.








    I’m unsure of who you are chasing you’re obsessed with Linda and I don’t in any way believe your claims of her coming in as guest. Are you somehow annoyed she takes milkman’s attention or annoyed she doesn’t give you enough?. It’s definitely one of the two. I doubt you could go a week without harassing her.

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    I was in f1 earlier hours ago. Q. Was in name having conversation with Claire..did not stay..just left..

    Not sure why he obsessed over me, he will have to dream on. Oh no, lol bike on.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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