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    Being in love


    Their face lights up your heart and you relish every feature in their face

    They hold you in their arms and you don’t want to be in any other place

    Their laugh makes you feel  so uplifted

    You feel so very lucky and so gifted

    when they laugh  your heart sours

    ok theyre excited about football scores

    But theyre happy and in good mood

    if youre lucky they may make tea and get rude


    You know they gamble and like a drink

    and change CHANGE from nice to unhappy within a wink

    so you win 7.50 on roulette?

    but theyre not happy what part of winning don’t you get?

    I love you I love you please make me happy

    Please don’t shout at me  please don’t get snappy


    I have cooked you dinner ive paid your bill

    you embarrassed me when we got to the til

    youre so funny and nice and you recorded emmerdale

    but when were inside the house its another tale


    Ive a trigger thumb you nearly broke my hand

    I didn’t pay your council tax when you demand

    You’ve been gone for two years but you ruined my  life

    I wont ever be normal or ever a wife


    You’ve destroyed a nice woman with what you did

    with your fucked up genes drs telling me you cannot have a kid

    in all the whole world I fell in love with you?

    a cheating scumbag who did cheated too?


    Now I’m in chatroom and I cannot leave

    I cannot function I cannot grieve

    I want to leave I hate this place

    I’m dying I’m dying its such a waste


    And unattractive men are thinking that

    I’m so bloody stupid and in fact

    I can be controlled by them and I’m thick

    oh just stop it you stupid  prick


    yes ok I drink I’m miserable and get a bit low

    but seriously how far do you really think I will go?

    Oh come on that shit doesn’t work on me

    I’m so angry you think this is really what you see?


    Maybe if I was ugly and really needed male attention id have  succumbed to the bullshit.

    Seriously. I cannot be  manipulated.  So fucking boring.

    STOP TRYING I’m really on the  verge of calling  you all out



    I would possibly comment on this poem (and on dexy’s poems) but a couple of empty-headed jerks in jc keep chuckling and chortling and saying that dexy and I are just trying to wangle our way into your affections.

    Actually, they can chuckle and chortle all the way to the old folk’s home, that is a pleasing read. You need to write, and I’m glad you’re writing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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