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    The politically illiterate (the usual gurning suspects) are celebrating the Biden inauguration as if Christmas has arrived again. You have to understand that these brain washed lemmings rely on the liberal MSN and only the liberal MSM for all their information. The likes of the FT and the Guardian etc, which is spoon fed to them and which is designed to keep them passive and therefore compliant to the views and ideas of that corporate driven liberal MSM who cheerleads corporatist driven neoliberalism.

    They also have absolutely no concept just how right wing Biden really is by UK and European standards. They really do think the warmongering Biden is a left wing liberal and they really do think Biden can heal Americas deep wounds and in which Biden could not give a monkeys about anyway (as his record suggests) and in which in part Biden is responsible for. They really do have absolutely no idea how Bidens policies have impacted on the American landscape over many decades nor how disastrous they have been in that time frame.


    You just know how limited democracy is in 2021 when corrupt political careerists are shrilly lauded by the ignorant masses as the messiah and saviour of that democracy.




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    Ge = Gerry boi = Sceptical guy = alfie  seems to live in the past although his use of some big words is surprising but misguided.

    Let’s look at the agenda Biden was chosen for and will be held accountable by 81 million americans – not Gerry bois.


    100 million vaccination in 100 days.

    A national test and trace program.

    Tax rises for individuals earning over $400,000

    Raise minimum wage and massively invest ($2Tn) in green energy.

    Criminal justice reform and minority community grants

    Rejoin global climate (Paris) accord

    Restore America’s global reputation and face up to Russia and China

    Expand Obamacare

    Undo trump’s destructive immigration policies including releasing children from cages

    Universal pre-school and expansion of free college education


    Come out of your historical arse-hole Gerry boi = Sceptical guy = Ge = alfie and  force your self into the modern world.



    Which reminds me, establishment stooge and the right wing zionist troll Sir Keir Starmer got elected labour leader on the back of pledging to continue building the path Corbyn laid the foundations for. The moment Sir Keir got elected he then immediately renegaded on those pledges.

    You see these careerist politicians and the corrupt Biden being a prime example talk a good fight, take “Obama Care” for example, the politically illiterate  might quote “Obama Care” as an example of a “progressive” liberal policy and when in fact it has been a unmitigated disaster in America and particularly for the blue collar working class and the underclass and among all socio economic groups they just think it’s shit.

    This politically ignorant class pithily blame “cages”housing illegal immigrants on Donald Trump because the corporate liberal MSM told them so and when in fact they were introduced during the Obama regime.




    You see this class of political illiterates churn out countless lies and misinformation that has in fact been spoon fed to them by the corporate liberal MSM and which of course has an ulterior motive to spoon feed them that misinformation and downright lies.

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    I’m retired


    But you  Gerry boi=Ge=sceptical guy=alfie  need to get a job and stop scrounging off the state.






    Take another example, these political illiterates state (without a hint of shame about their inherent ignorance) America will now rebuild it’s “status” across the globe while neglecting to add Trump achieved more in 5 years than Obama achieved in 10. Now the rest of the world might have had no idea America had “lost” it’s status during Trumps tenure but the liberal corporate class and political illiterates in general enjoy a bit of gung ho Americanism and war mongering don’t they and eespecially when the corporate liberal MSM spoonfeed them it.

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    Do you actually get out of bed   Gerry boi = Ge = sceptical guy = alfie  ?

    Do you piss in a bucket under the bed to save the trip to the toilet?

    Fuck….my pension tax is paying for YOU ??????





    Just remember, once exposed, these Biden supporting political illiterates flap uncontrollably in the wind like an old pair of wooly long johns on wash day 😆😆

    While they are allowed to preach unchallenged like demented harpies they are happy bunnies, but the moment they are exposed like the frauds they really are, they cry like snot nosed little kids who have just had their ball confiscated.


    Game set and match. Again.





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    Dear Gerry boi=Ge=sceptical=alfie ( and fuck knows how many other trolls you are)

    Your words are just like slab-walls of black font, uninviting, unimaginative and quite frankly with no sex appeal whatsoever.

    Get yourself out of bed and onto a proper writing course.

    I told you to practice your A B C didn’t I. Come on lad. Get dressed and clean your teeth.

    Don’t waste your day.





    Gerry boi/Ge/alfie etc etc etc

    I’ve been marking your previous work and your statement

    Trump achieved more in 5 years than Obama achieved in 10

    which is not only factually incorrect and has no data to justify it but you also show your ignorance in the entire American political system.

    A Presidential term is 4 (FOUR) years and not five. We endured trump for 4 (FOUR) years and Obama sat in the Oval office for 8 (EIGHT) years and not 10(TEN). If you can’t get the basics right, how do you expect anyone to believe the rest of your drivel?





    Again not widely reported by the coroporate driven liberal MSM.


    Sir Keir Starmer, establishment stooge and right wing zionist troll, has just hired Israeli former-spy Assaf Kaplan as a “Social Listening and Organizing Manager.”

    Unit 8200 specifically collected information on innocent Palestinians in order to create divisions and stir hatred within Palestine etc. This involved hacking email, phone calls and social media etc.

    Unit 8200 has close links to Mossad and Kaplan is friends with dubious characters such as Shai Masot who was ejected from the UK after being caught plotting against British ministers and lawmakers.

    It is self explanatory to the politically literate left wing who will be aware thousands of labour memebers have been purged from the party by the right who have applied similar tactics.


    Now for one minute imagine how the corporate driven liberal MSM would have reacted if Corbyn employed a former Russian spy in a similar role.

    This is exactly the kind of “democracy” the politically illiterate promote and should concern all the grown ups.



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