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    trump’s playing (sorry, cheating at) golf and hiring more dipstick lawyers for his titanic financial, sexual harassment  and legal issues. He couldn’t give a fuck about anyone beyond the clubhouse.

    “The greatest list of impending lawsuits EVER seen by an ex-President in American history”

    (my quote, not trump)

    The tailors are in at Mar-a-lago to fit him up for some orange suits – in the Orange State of Florida.

    Now that’s what you call representation.




    Trump seems to inspire you Andrew😁👍



    Omg sassey u see Biden’s new immigrant laws he wants to implement?

    Omg. 19.5 millions become citizens. Those deported bring back. Omg. Provide covid vaccines while our own still wait. Take American jobs away.  Taxpayers pay for free rent, doctors,  food,  education. What about American people in need…..

    He the worse President we ever had agree. AND LOOK at his cabinet members.  Omg. What he proving? Past he was racists omg that allowed?

    Awful. Even democracts who voted for him so disgusted..


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    Think we should impeach him. And his V.p.

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    President trump is so great and Biden a piece of shit along with Kamala    sad excuse for human beings.  He has a terrible pretend staff and cant even speak correctly.  We love the whole trump family


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    Funny being president and not living in whitehouse lol


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    FORE !!!!



Viewing 8 posts - 121 through 128 (of 128 total)

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