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    annette dont go


    @thin ice wrote:

    @cath 55 wrote:

    Thing is about a ‘faceless’ message board or chat room, some people just are not themselves, they say things they wouldt say to to someones face, dont know what it is, but, the internet allows them to say what they wnat almost, be who they want to be, allow their own thoughts and bitterness/bad experiences to come out whereas mabe in real life they dont have a ‘let out area’

    I like to think im me whether im in chat/message boards wherever really.

    I dont like bi tching, or any sort of conflict here or in the real world but, i will however stand up for myself or anyone else i think its being badly treated.

    banter is fine, bit ching and character assasination is not, bit ching is a form of bullying, no ways round it really, cheeky banter is another matter.

    you raise some good points cath but where does the line stop
    and are you sure every time you cross it

    I think the line should stop at character assassination, especially when we dont know the person that well? thing is that all of us can run with the pack, I stopped running with the pack one day in a job I was in, having ciggy break outside the building there was a group of women who constantly bit ched about someone in our department, course i knew women who b itched like that wer e sure to pick on anyone including anyone in there, i happen to say one day that it made me feel uncomfortable sl agging off this person and in general and they never, not one of them, ever spoke to me for the remaining 6 months i stayed at that job!!

    I am a firm beleiver and do try, not always sucessfully, to treat folk like i would like to be treated, im no saint , i have had my rucks in my time , i have my ‘enemies’ on here just like anyone else but the mere sound of ‘enemies’ online sounds rather comical too lol.

    freindly banter, up to cheeky i guess, but, there are of course some who dive in no matter what but can dish it out as much as give it lol.


    @bat wrote:

    @panda12 wrote:

    Some ppl leave themselves open to it – esp when they say too much about their personal life then they wonder why ppl pick up on it and use it in bitc hing against them.

    Exactly right Panda. The stupidity of some users is just staggering. This applies to ALL the forums btw. It’s mainly the female users I have to say. They happily sit there and tell all their *friends* all about their private lives, kids names, where they go to school, and even details of their ailments. Thing is, they arn’t just telling their friends, they are also telling a whole roomfull of total strangers, you know the ones who just sit there watching. So complete strangers now have intimate details of their private lives, and then they react with horror, and wonder how people know all this personal stuff about them that at some stage gets plastered all over the boards. Derrrrrrrr I can’t imagine. :roll:

    Although i agree with you batty ppl should be careful how much they give away its a sad ole world the fact there are people like that and the fact people feel they have to use info like that, but one of lifes negatives i guess


    Best to keep things to yerself :)


    I agree ppl give far too much info away in the forums and then wonder why they get abused for it….but……when it goes beyond banter a chatguide or 2 in every now and again to get rid of them would be a marvellous idea!!


    Just reading some old posts here…..
    5 years later…same old….


    shit ?


    @trapper wrote:

    shit ?

    just different posters


    7 years ago wow


    Its all shyte.

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