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    I laugh at the way that the guest got stuck in the mix….LOL



    To be honest ruthless……… will any one recognize any one and how do you enter the venue….badge with my user name is….how do you even book it up? ok id like 50 rooms…my name is um er ah……who posted this post any way? oh yeah


    Which name will pixie turn up in?


    I’m posting this on the train enroute to Blackpool !  Me and the hubby have got to get to the hotel early as we are hosting the event.

    Can I just remind all attendees , that although there isn’t a dress code we will be dining at the hotel so no baseball caps, trainers or breasts on show at the dinner table. There are two dinner menus so please signify which one you prefer as the chef needs to be notified.


    Menu 1

    Starter :Pea and Ham soup with croutons or ideally crumpet

    Mains: Cock au vin with buttered potatoes and freshly ground chutney sauce

    Dessert : TART with raspberry sauce and a hint of depravity


    Menu 2

    Starter : Prawn cock tail

    Mains: A juicy spit roast  :yes:   with stuffing and vegetables of choice  :yes:   :mail:

    Desset: Spotted dick pud with lashings and lashings of clotted cream  B-)


    After we have dined we will retreat to the smoking room to puff on our fags  :yahoo:

    After a tipple of brandy for relaxation purposes, all guests will be colour coded and the colour will signify how the rest of the evening will pan out. If you get a green badge , you may join john in the cinema room where you can watch either brokeback mountain or the nutty professor ( adult rated version of the eddie murphy film)

    Please don’t be offended if you are put in the green category as not everyone is blessed with looks so you can enjoy home cinema still having a good evening projecting your bitterness at being labelled aesthetically unpleasing. The hotties ( red colour badge holders) will each be given a small bag containing mask, name tag to conceal identity. I will lead the red group to the upper chambers of the hotel where will line up against the back wall- a large drum will boom 3 times struck by Dofan who has kindly agreed to donate his time to be the master drummer. Upon the third stroke, all participants will remove their clothing, place the masks on to protect modesty  and the night will begin in earnest.. comparing our sticks of blackpool rock for the pleasures that lie ahead. The drum will continue to boom during the night as the rhythmic banging sets  the tone for a night never to forget.  :rose:   :good: :yes:


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    right now i am deffo not going now, now that i have heard it is a bloody swingers thing or some gay bumming lol.


    nowt wrong with morecambe :yahoo:

    Health abounds; beauty surrounds.


    Nowt wrong with gays either, Paige you nasty piece of old, trodden on, mis-shapen triangular cheese! :negative:

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    Discriminating against vegetarians I see on the menu


    Nowt wrong with gays either, Paige you nasty piece of old, trodden on, mis-shapen triangular cheese! :negative:

    I agree, about the gay bit.

    But if paige wants to be a bigot… :unsure:


    @supreme-overlord-paigey are you homophobic?

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