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    Amazing when you watch serious news reporting that often you see sign language interpertators. Important to reach those who unable to speak be aware, have questions to understand.

    Often I may think that when I have conversation with others. Coming from an Italian background, we talk often using much body language with our hands. Funny I can pick up so easy on that body language.

    I also laugh when many don’t say, but seems to be universal language that bad middle finger,  straight up when angry at another. Rubbing your rear end. Thumb under nose or chin. A cross with with Your 2 fingers..

    Body language speaks when we don’t. So interesting….what sign you use to express with out talking. Lol….


    P.s. I am self teaching body language right now with a client. Sign language.. Wow.. not easy. My fingers getting twisted some. But we laugh as she uses that middle finger when she not like some one too!


    *crosses arms, and  folds lips back*


    Women are better at reading body language than men. Women are more attentive to details, a mother for example can distinguish the cry of her child in a group of a room full of kids, and she can distinguish if it is a cry due to hunger, tiredness, attention, pain, or other. How many woman knew Bill Clinton was lying from his body language haha
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    Hahahaha  Me Me Me !!!!

    I can almost feel the dry clagginess of his mouth as he ties to speak. Sounds like he has cotton wool in his mouth soaking up any saliva . GUILTY as charged M’lud !!! lmao !!


    I think he was telling it straight.

    His cracking voice, the way his mouth was about to twist – an indication of the outrage he felt at such a vile accusation.

    The strong sense of duty and patriotism at the end as he affirmed that he did not go off to satisfy any degraded lusts, but

    To Serve the American People.

    God bless and keep you, Sir, and may all those scoundrels and gossip-mongers trying to darken your good name go back to their dark holes and feel a deep shame. :-)   :-)





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    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    I too had a laugh at him in front of American newscasters saying I “NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT WOMAN..” Give me a break… why did she keep the dress?….hee..had evidence thru a stain… daa, what a dip he was……….


    Best yet his wife stood by her man. No not him…and then in her book, knew he was fooling around. Both in my opinion are a joke, two liars.

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    [email protected] women are better than men…..who thought that up then?   Sceppers?……LMAO RATF PML

    Don’t always believe what you learnt in school….LMAO RATF PML

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