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    Never had a reason to dig at Sarah my self……….why you waiting to attack with your darts?………LMAO RATF PML……….

    More to the point…….your about the first person that ever calls her Sarah apart from me……..nice one…i’m sure sh’d appreciate it…

    I am sure looking like a half deflated giant walrus airbed, she would be glad of any attention what so ever Mr q, and on that note maybe an old age pensioner will make her fell good for the time being, who knows and more to the point get it mr q ” POINT ” darts,Oh well i was one of the last men to actually beat Eric Bristow, although this sounds far fetched it’s true, so who cares what other nobody’s think, i am somebody and all that matters is i know what is true ;-)

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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