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    Is anyone watching this series on BBC1?

    I gave it a miss – I don’t watch much on tv, and crime thrillers tend to be often dull. Seen one, you’ve seen them all. The Scandi Noir series of The Killing (1st series) and The Bridge (all 4 series) were the exception – very high quality thrillers.

    But I hear good things about Bodyguard. Are they true?

    It’s written by Jed Mercutio, who wrote the Line of Duty series, and seems to be full of he twists and turns in which Mercutio specialises.

    The thing is that Line of Duty had me really looking forward to each episode – twas a real nail-biter.

    But the, by the 4th series, it was becoming predictable.

    Is this series a different kettle of fish?

    I’ll try to catch up on i-player, but anyone got any thoughts about it?


    i am watching channel nothing, it is great…

    oh that riminds me i need a arial and a freeview box

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    I am waiting until the series has finished and I can download it onto my planner and watch it all in one go, but I was fuming when I got the radio times this week, with 2 episodes still to go they gave the ending away on the front cover.

    I will still watch it though.


    I’ve caught up with the series on iplayer, GD.

    Jed Mercutio knows how to write them for maximum uncertainty and thrills, along with a certain suspension of belief about reality.

    He also has a thing about cops charging into groups of ordinary people shouting “Armed Police!). Gets the adrenaline going.

    I’ve never actually been in a situation where armed police have had to be used, and I hope I never will be.

    Episode 5 is tomorrow and I’ll make sure I catch it.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you finally download it all, GD>

    Take care x



    To be honest…Keeley Hawes is far too good for this kind of rubbish although…..i must admit…she chose to be in it….so if you make the bed you must lie in it as the saying goes…..

    Mind you…..Keely was in Tipping the Velvet which means she’ll do any thing for the cash or the career…..but let’s not go near Kate Winslett….LMAO

    Here’s a quiz question……name a film that Kate Winslett hasn’t gone topless or full frontal in?……

    Even  Titanic had to have Kate get her norks out…..word to female actresses……you really don’t have to take the parts……or show them….LMAO



    To be honest sceppers…the writer is crap…….you know what to expect….its the BBC….did you switch over during the love scenes then sceppers?……LMAO…….funny you never mentioned that but hey….

    You’ll probably have a go at some film or series at some other time about that……

    Sounds a bit 2 faced to me but thats just me…….

    Have a great week

    No sorry sceppers i’m still here…….


    Ok I’m now up to episode 5 and it did get better, quite good, I’m enjoying it, but not sure it has lived up to all the hype it received, so far anyway !! We’ll see… :good:


    A suspension of belief is needed, which is true of all of mercutio’s work.

    It dopesn’t have the suspense of Line of Duty.

    It relies partly on Budd being a hunk – the next Bond, some say.

    I’m looking forward to episode 6 . I still think the Home Sec will somehow reappear. We never actually saw her die, and Mercutio loves the surprises. He’s unpredictable enough to be predictable.

    The best crime series are still The Killing (series 1) and The bridge (all 4 series).

    Also True Detectives – stands out on its own. A third series of this is due in January, set in the Ozarks. Now that is worth the wait.


    Well cheers for ruining the next episode !!


    No, Ms M!!

    I actually don’t know what the next episode will be like. It just occurred to me that nothing is seen of the Home Sec since the big flash at the end of Ep 3. We’re informed she’s dead, a private burial takes place, and PS hunk leaves the hospital in despair when he sees the nurse saying it’s over.

    I just think Mercutio has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, like some people in jc.

    And like some people in jc, he’s so unpredictable that he becomes predictable.


    I’m told the RT has spoiled it. But how I don’t know.


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