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    One reason its good to leave,is our fishing industry.



    My plan is to use my Irish passport to move to an independent Scotland thus avoiding the calamity that will happen to brexit Britain



    There’s always Wales Paigey…..LOL


    So my question is what makes brexiteers think Britain had anything remotely as strong as access to untariffed trade from the rest of europe

    im not very good at politics as you all know. i would have most of you lot breaking rocks on a chain gang on a very northerly remote scottish island for the rest of your lives if i were dictator of the uk. im not interested in being prime minister.

    anyway someone please correct me if i am wrong but doesnt brexit mean we will now have UNRESTRICTED trade with usa japan and china, the big 3, as well as the rest of the world? rather than EU restricted and pre-allocated trade we had in the EU?

    surely if that is the case it will offset the costs of brexit and trading with a pricey eu.

    Good question, Paigey.

    The Irish FM has pointed out that we will be only 60 million people, unimportant compared to the 600 million in the EU. Instead of being the fastest growing and most dynamic economy in the G7, we are now the slowest and most threatened.



    Wrong, ‘Morgan’.

    Unrestricted trade doesn’t exist in a world of protection and trade deals.

    It means we have to negotiate a trade deal with the USA and with 163 other countries, as the World Trade Organisation has told us that the trade deals we have are EU trade deals, negotiated by the EU, and that they cease to apply if we’re not in the EU.

    We’ll be restricted to trade according to WTO rules.


    tick tock

    or will it soon be tock tick.

    This clock is in danger of going haywire.

    Justine Greening, the former Education Secretary, has called for a second referendum on the EU. May’s plan, she says, is an unworkable hybrid. the three questions in the referendum will be 1) do you accept may’s plan; 2) do you want  to leave the EU with no deal; 3) isn’t it better to stay in?

    I’m still against a second referendum – we’ve had two popular votes already – but I can see why the calls are starting to grow. And they will grow louder as chaos begins to threaten.

    We were told that leaving the EU would be a swift and painless operation, with a nice little bonus of £350 million a week going into the EU. No wonder many people voted to leave, though many of all classes were not conned.

    What’s transpiring is NOT what people voted for.


    Teresa Mays new Brexit team.


    Well Trump did tell her to Sioux them.


    Is that the next presenter of Count-Down….Dave Brexit?…..LMAO….well here’s today’s 9 letter word………bsuhfresi……


    Teresa Mays new Brexit team.

    Now that would be funny if it wasn’t so credible.


    Never fear – Custer’s here.

    The US to the rescue




    Meanwhile in the “real world”, the world that counts. Downing Street has confirmed that the government is now accepting all four ERG amendments. They are all consistent with the government’s Brexit white paper and May has ruled out another referedum, again.






Viewing 10 posts - 141 through 150 (of 365 total)

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