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    Not a fan of Sir Alan Sugar but he cracked me up this morning on the news.He was talking about the challenge to Theresa May and said this could lead to an early general election.And as a man whos voted labour all my life if Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM im leaving the country.

    Just sums it up i think.


    I predict of the 148 votes the old mair Zelda needs she will boost through with around 207 to be precise.

    Some smartypantys might know this – I CBA to google it. But is it only people voting for her to go – and everything else is assumed to be a stay?

    We need change and really – she is envitably going to be taking her skank heeled butt home to a comfortable retirement. Probably in the EU.


    Come on 207ish its worth 25-1


    And by the way if any mods are reading this can they reset my permissions so I can use the chatroom properly – it appears to have got flooded back in Winter 2016

    Cheers – Christmas a time for forgiving.






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    Sorry I couldn’t take advantage of your bet, Ruthless.


    You would have won.

    I liked the description of the leadership contest by a business commentator on tv that it was a Krazy Detour in the made car crash that Brexit is turning into.


    No Deal


    tick tock.

    this clock is going haywire!!


    No idea what’s going to happen by 29th March.

Viewing 5 posts - 361 through 365 (of 365 total)

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