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    92000 people thought that man should have the power to launch nuclear weapons


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    Are you looking for King Milko to behead you? Is this why you include to make comments about him as he has yet to respond on this thread.

    Send in the

    Off with their heads..


    “Any argument which can cut out the personal insults and belittlement of your opponent is a genuine discussion. It can st6ilol be hard-hitting.

    The weaker the argument, the more the insults. Then it becomes an ego trip. Not worth pursuing.”

    Just to help you out, this was the ironic part !! :yes:



    Just to help you out,

    that was the part which I stressed had no irony at all.


    Image may contain: 1 person, standing and meme, text that says "GOOD DAY, I SEE YOU HAD A BORIS JOHNSON SIGN UP IN YOUR WINDOW SO I KNOW YOU'LL BUY ANY SHIT I SELL YOU!"


    I am a socialist Cleared2Land. I also supported Brexit as did the vast bulk of the union movement and the left (some would say far left).


    The Communist Morning Star and some unions supported Brexit.

    The overwhelming majority of the trade union movement – including Unite, the biggest – and the overwhelming majority of the Labour Party support membership and leadership passionately oppose no-deal.

    Parliament is finely balanced on no-deal (probably)


    if a coup against democracy is launched to impose one form of Brexit by sidelining parliament, then it’s no longer a question of Brexit or no-Brexit – it becomes a question of democracy against dictators.

    The labour movement has always had an honourable role in opposing such dictatorship


    The labour party certainly didnt act honourably in the iraq war.

    We saw how they dealt with the dictatorship of saddam then.

    Cant wait till this new documentry on doctor kelly comes out.

    Be some red faces in the labour party then.

    Weird how the labour party danced to mr bushs tune then.

    Killing thousands for no reason at all.




    Anyone else in big citys noticed the army are patrolling train stations over the last 2 weeks.

    Remove khan and the lunatic corbyn and make the streets safe again.

    Now we have trump behind us in brexit talks.

    If the eu doesnt like trump/ mr js deal, watch what happens next.

    Funding with be cut to certain european projects quicker than you can say jack robinson.

    No more bullying from our friends in the eu.


    lol i don’y think milkman quite understands how powerful the eu is

    they control most of europe which includes there seas and flight paths

    to do trade you need access to those they deny it we then have to go the long way round for everything making everything more exspensive

    even that orange man in white house realised this and struck a deal with them


    [email protected]…………

    As for paigey…………deals aren’t what they used to be…….used to be about meaningful results…now its all about scratching peoples asses and getting out and letting some one else take care of the waste…PML LMAO RATF

    Must admit…paigeys spelling is wrecked these days……….

    How’s the wrist these days paigey?


    I always thought sceppers would be a good dictator……….LMAO RATF PML

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