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    Some places around the world have just one season of warmth all year around. Others 2, and we here have 4 seasons to float around with.

    Sure can put pressure on your closets when you have 4, or storage. Winter coats and boots take up storage, while the light jackets and sweaters take up 2 seasons as well. Purses for each season, shoes and hats take up space as well.

    So it seems summer is now disappearing and time to change again. Not only clothing but duvets/curtain oh lordy the fall cleaning.

    So I turned over my ourdoor gardens today.  Repotted some plants and fresh soil for indoor plants for fall and winter, and looking at the clothing.  Nah..think I watch a good movie and think about that tomorrow. Giggles.

    Happy fall if you have one! I do love to put out Halloween stuff and noting neighborhoods are now putting out outdoor stuff. Hay stacks, pumpkins, ummm maybe…….






    So, most here use term “Fall.” Sorry not your proper English term. Those up in New England, Vermont, New Hampshire call it Autumn as it an attraction site for tourist for trees changing their majestic colors to a lovely redish orange. Magnificent foliage


    Maybe you should purchase an American slang book so you understand that I don’t always need your corrections to my wording. Just like I never correct you with your slang of the English or where ever you from



    You seem on edge lately Linda. I hope you’re ok.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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