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    Like many of you the season is very hectic. One thing though that gets busy as well is our last minute cooking..I so love to bake and cook so I look for things at times still simple but elegant enough to add into the holiday traditions.

    Yes folks gifts equally important as our food table spreads..


    1 PKG. frozen spinach. (Cook.squeeze out liquid)

    1 pkg. Veggie soup mix.. (do u have knorr’s?)

    1 can water cheatnuts-minced

    1/2 cup sour cream

    1/2 cup cottage cheese

    Mix and season with salt/pepper.  This dip good with fresh vegetables,   crackers,  even a soft high raised bread.


    large can of artichokes (use mixer to ground)

    Cup of mayonnaise

    Cup of parmesan cheese

    Mix all together. Can eat cold or warm. I love it warmed.

    Best in Dunking in soft bread too or crackers.



    Sweet and sour pork.. nice

    Not always need wok to do things I use a large pan that allows me high heating needs.

    1 and a half pounds of boneless pork tenderloin

    2 cups pepper strips. Frozen or fresh ok. I use sweet, can use bell

    2 tablespoons reduced sodium soy sauce

    2 teaspoons vegetable oil your choice

    Over high heat do your oil coating. Add pork and brown well till done. 5-10 minutes. Stir in peppers and soy sauce. Another 5 to 10 minutes. Serve after on rice or a pasta.



    4 pounds beef short ribs

    1 Teaspoon oil

    1 can large peaches

    1/3 cup soy sauce

    1/4 cup catsup

    1 clove garlic crushed

    Brown ribs slowly in hot oil in dutch oven with of course oven proof handles. Drain peaches

    reserving 3/4 cup of syrup-juice. Mix syrup with remaining ingredients and add to ribs. Cover place in oven 350 degree oven. Bake about 2 hours or till tender. Add remainder of peach to ribs maybe 20 minutes before finish.

    This recipe I make often but instead of peaches..use honey, pancake syrup, barbeque sauce, fill my pan half way with those ingredients..cover so stay juicy and tender. If want more firm..dont cook as long in oven. When still firm remove from oven place on stove in pan..add some of the base liquid. Little bit..keep flippin till brown and firm up those ribs.



    Both sound very nice Linda.

    I have some tips too.

    If you have a lot of family coming over I suggest parboiling as many potatoes as required then leaving to cool and then lightly covering with oil then freezing.  Then when you are doing your roasts you only need to put them in the oven.

    Cauliflower cheese can also be made beforehand if you make sure you do not overcook the cauliflower, maybe only boil them for half the time you would usually and then adding the cheese sauce (homemade obviously) and freezing.

    If like me you do a three course Christmas dinner you can make homemade soups and freeze them in advance.

    Also a good tip for really annoying relatives you don’t actually like you can pre-cook your turkey and leave it in the back garden for a day or two then freeze it dish it up and then hope it gives them a really bad stomach or it actually kills them.

    But if you like your relatives just cook the turkey the day before or maybe just get a crown and cook it on the day.

    And if they just sit on their backsides and do nothing to help whilst you wait on them hand and foot may I suggest you kick your tv in with big boots on the day before and say you dropped it by accident so they are so bored they will actually get off their lazy arses and help you out by moving towards the table in order to set the dinner plates up or shock horror offer to help you in the kitchen.

    Another good tip for when you are sick of being the only one who ever does anything at Christmas time is to either give them hardly any food or make the food you do serve up really horrible.  Undercook the vegetables, make the gravy like water with a tinge of brown, give them hardly any meat and so many spouts they can see nothing else on their plate and make sure that the trifle is so loaded with sherry it is like a sloppy mess in their bowl with little if no cream at all.

    And if you are the poor person neglected til its Christmas and then everyone loves you cos you will wait on them for the day I suggest you stop feeling grateful for the company and book yourself a flight to somewhere very warm and forget Christmas altogether.

    Great thread Linda.

    Two great recipes, I hope you don’t mind me adding my tips for the day x

    I know how you love to comment on others peoples threads and give your input so I am sure you will appreciate mine.

    Every little helps!



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    Actually laughed silly true things you wrote and a good way to say kiss off politely..sadly however I cooked all day years ago when my parents still living .

    My brother travels much and hibernates much in winter months. Expression like geese…flys south to heat..and my daughter well hangs with friends. So I am basically blessed lol, as I have been working this day for years. However I do much cooking for those less fortunate.

    Thank you, yes your adding in was pleasant.


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