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    Typos. Bit you in arse. Remember you dumped me because they were my friends. I try to distance if past history. That I admit too..I not want to get in middle. NOT MY PLACE. I may discuss it..feel on a subject express but never say what should do. Suggest or ask simple.

    I am better person than you Q..more than you realize. Admit mistakes. Step down when should.

    Dont you think you should try too..correct your mistakes.


    And I was a better friend than you realized. You lost that with you telling me if they my not mine.

    My relationships are true ones. Not petty or childish behaviors..those happen in high school. I am an adult. I recognize the differences of whom we all are. No one perfect. Not me either. Say it and agree often. I try not to hurt others..not my makeup..

    Have nice day q…..



    You not know what a real relationship was if but you in ares. I dont take sides. I ask why of my friends or someone close too!

    Linda please.Mister Q has a real relationship with his hands.He just he just cant get to 99 to change hands tee hee


    To say to anyone who comes in a cht room,if your there friends your not mine,is just plane daft.All people get on with and like diffrent people.You carry on like that you end up with no friends.

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    LMAO @pixie and linda………….try listening for have 2 ears and one mouth…………… seem to have it back to front………PML LMAO RATF TOL


    nice one jamie………your ears seem to be in the right place……….


    [email protected]……….you forgot to call linda sweet heart………….PML LMAO RATF


    [email protected]………….one day youll have to speak for your self……………somer can’t save you……….PML LMAO RATF


    Well this thread i put is not going to stop cosy.He has been putting the embaressing disgusting stuff through the room again,he,s being  encoreged bye the usial people,anuthing to embbaress and bully.He is posting in another chatroom boards,so i will go there and answer him.I wont do that i onley come in here now. and here i will stay,inspite of the bullying.So this will be the end of this thread no point in giving him more fuil for the fire.


    Misterq. I need no help. Somer is a mate as well. Only one calls me not you..

    You disappoint me each and every day. Your addiction to focus on demelza and make points sickening to say the least. My friendships with others you condemn if not to your liking. Who are you by the way.?What happened? Think you can take off where your old girl left off. Go to her site and play with her then there…

    I supported you once. You have no sincere or serious thoughts. Laughter is good. But your laughter kills common decency and respect for others whom you not care for..

    I am ashamed I even ever back off me. We been done for long time. Sorry to say your decision..not mine.

    So go play comedian on the other site. See if you loved and better..

    Have nice Day..

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 24 total)

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