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    And jamief..I am truly sorry. Some one has also been playing up against you. Not just cosy if you think him alone. He was mad to begin with when first accused. Not sure what happening now. Also mad because some times he says Bellevue thinks it him too. Few times he not out when accused.

    So this person also stirring up.. not nice..

    I hope whom ever some times plays the cosy role, wise up. You are hurtful and vengeance against cosy very cruel.

    Pretty sure who it is. They never met. Adored him. He ended it before started..thank God he woke up…now it plays games. He fights back. I put money on that one..stirring garbage..

    I am sorry jamief. Not nice..feel for you. Hope who ever is grows up…leaves you some peace of heart and mind.

    I am here for you. X




    P.s. not many people here I dont like or not engage with. I take no sides. I hate people getting hurt. I get disappointed with few. Misterq..for one..big time. I take back one person I despise with her hateful mean ways. Initial malice to seek attention get entertainment. Not trust that person if my life depended on it. Leaves me a sour taste in my mistake. No one else to blame..

    I do agree if you not care for that person or comments you move forward. But I do agree can be difficult to change a person’s way of thinking..attitude.  you get caught in defense mechanism.. nature kicks in of the beast. Lol…


    Look Linda,I know its Cosy.I have talked with Cosy for years and years,in here and an other room.However if it is not Cosy,i really don`t care because,he is the one that the person is copying word for word.I mean word for word evrytime he has done that to me.I cant do anything about it,so it really dosent matter.I wont talk to cosy again.I know you like us both,i am not asking you to take sides.All i can do is iggy him,until he gets a new number,then again and so on.I just cant take it anymore,as i sed its not a normal pop or even the normal kind of bullying.This is nasty personal and horrable stuff.I let most things go,i just cant do it anymore.


    Understand. Be well jamief. Dont let those hurt you so bad that all the good you do for you, get’s lost. You are amazing. You have strength. Dont let the crap take you down. X

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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