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    I have been using this site now for almost 4 months,  then to my surprise i was reading a regular members  post in forum 1.

    “they cried over a number”

    Here is my advice not mentioning “no names”!!

    STOP being so gullible.

    STOP being so naive.

    STOP being so stupid and childish.


    Seek medical advice immediately.!

    Now you can either take my generous advice and learn from your mistakes.


    Fall foul of the evil numbers that lurk in the shadows here waiting to pounce on the vulnerable desperate weak minded lost souls.


    Ok I’m off for a full fry up as my better half is paying.

    Good luck,  see you soon :bye:



    That is me! I told you it wasn’t from someone on here. It was someone I have been super close to. So be compassionate and know that why are just anyone to me.


    tasha being observant is an option of fatal attraction,  you have such a loving soul.  Deep within you’re a loving firework,  just craving to burst.  Once exploded you crave to fill our hearts with true love and light up all our skies with joy.

    Peace Out Bro x

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    That was very beautiful to read and hear. Tonight is my last night on here. Thank you for your kind words. Also everyone for the chats and love showered upon me. I hope I gave you guys a wonderful amount of love, hope, and happiness.

    It’s been lovely, but that’s the problem. It’s been too lonely and I have loved.

    330 I love you and I thought we could be close. I was wrong and I am sorry. Have a good and enjoyable. Thanks for being there for me. You inspired me.  :rose:


    Oh my..I need my bucket.


    passes linda a bucket with a hole in :bye:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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