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    This is what you get when four great female vocalists get together. Reba McEntire, Trish Yearwood, Linda Davis and Martina McBride.

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    Wow ! She’s something else

    I want to dedicate this song to my mum rip

    Another year without you,
    A day that’s not the same…
    There’s nothing that I wouldn’t give,
    To hear you call my name.

    Instead I think about you,
    I wonder what you’d say…
    About the person I’ve become,
    YOU helped my find my way…

    As I look up, I hope you look down,
    As I smile I know you are too…
    Because there’s not a soul who’s left this earth, as beautiful as you…

    Love you Mum
    Happy Mother’s Day
    xX :-( :cry: :rose: :rose: :-( :cry: Xx

    Double the heartache today

    Mothers day is extra hard for me I dread it every year for I have lost my wonderful mother, and a precious son who should be bringing me cards, When I lost you both a big part of me died too. The only comfort I draw from this is I know my son is with you mum, Please, protect and watch over him give him lots of cuddles and love from me mum until I can once again see you both wrap my arms around you, and take over being his mum. I know that this is silly but sometimes I feel I failed you both.i long to feel your protective arms around me telling me everything will be all right. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you the day you died mum I would change it if I could. I remember everything about you,
    Your scent, you smile, your touch,
    The way you walked, the way you talked,
    The way you smiled at me meant so much.
    I remember all the words you said to me,
    Some funny, some wise, some seemed unkind
    All of the things you did for me,
    I see them all now with wiser eyes.
    You are gone from me now,
    But one thing no one can take away,
    Your memory that resides inside my heart and i promise
    i will teach my children the same, i wish i could tell you today how much i love and miss you Just a few lines, To show we still care To say how much we miss you, And to wish you could still be here We know that you are happy now,You’re free from hurt and pain We know that you still love us, But our lives are not the same Your grandchildren miss you dearly,There so sad you had to leave You are a special mum and Nan,Now all we can do is grieve happy mothers day mum lots of love
    cant believe you have been gone nearly 23 years it feels like yesterday still.


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    Hugs Ab xxx


    Hugs Ab xxx

    Thnx hun

    :cry: :-(   :cry:   :-(



    :heart:   :cry: I want to dedicate this song to my precious son Dominic :heart:   :cry:

    Well sweetheart its that time of year again i dread it every year
    Happy 23rd Birthday to my beautiful son
    I only wish you were here for me to say it to you in person Dominic
    I have never got to spend a single Birthday or Christmas with you, and you were taken poorly on our very first easter together, Please remember you have never left our thoughts, we think about you all the time I know you are with your nana. I also know she is looking after you until we can be together again sweetheart, I am just so sorry we didnt get to watch you grow up hear your first words see you take your first steps. we only had three short weeks with you and only 6 days with you before you were took to hospital but in that short space of time you proved you had a stong personality and were a little fighter, Dominic you enriched our lives and made the family pull together you made us all, stronger, different people, you touched the hearts of everyone you met.. i have many regrets over your short life but one thing is certain i would do it over again in a heartbeat even if it ment having to loose you again.
    just to have those three precious three weeks with you, you were insperational and you taught us so much, To have held you in my arms and cuddled you was a great Pleasure & an Honor. And all my life I will be thankfull for the time we had together, Our precious memories,keepsakes and pictures of you, that you left behind for us.
    Unless you have been on this journey, you can’t possible come close to understanding, so stop telling me it’s time to move on or to get over it. Don’t tell me everything happens for a reason or that my child is in a better place or i have other children. I lost all his possibilities when he died, i lost a future i was looking forward to with my child. I dont think its something that will ever heal I lost my baby & our future together all in one go, all the “what he would be doing today’s?”
    It’s a daily, constant reminder that he’s not here. When i See my other babies accomplish their milestones. i see your stubborness in your sister , i see your heart of gold in your brother Ben i see your fighting spirit in your brother Adam i also see your smile in your brother Daniel  I’m heart broken and will be for LIFE.




    This song is amazing!:D

    I hope u enjoy it!

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    dedicated to Mr Brown my old music teacher


    4 years ago today you were so cruely taken from us joe, yet it feels like yesterday still, it was clear to see you had ,had enough and it was better for you to be in peace, it was and its still so hard for all us that you left behind i hope that you are behaving up there and keeping everyone in order we all love you youre son and me, and grandchildren miss you dearly xxxxx

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