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    I want to dedicate this song to my Bubbles

    My precious baby boy Dominic (Bubbles) RIP 24 years ago today

    You were a beautiful baby boy born with a curse, a bad illness, you fought for 21 days
    You were so strong and mighty, you tried your very best but you were sadly and cruelly taken, Your time had come, all the other Angels were calling you home to heaven so you could keep our other family members company, and get heaven ready for all of us. You were so young, but such a strong tiny little boy who had gave it his all, his everything you had, you tried so hard to fight it! The moment you couldn’t hold on any longer, was the moment the angel’s knew to come and get you and take you to those golden gates, you were an angel from the moment you were born till the moment you past!

    You were cruelly taken from us I know now you were only lent to me, you are a true angel now forever, But you are one gorgeous Angel with big bright blue eyes and that perfect smile and mop of dark hair. How i often wished i had you for just another minute or two, solely for the chance to say how much i loved you.
    It’s hard to believe i haven’t heard your voice,
    held you or seen you in twenty four years yet it feels like only yesterday,i treasure the memories and photographs but my heart still and always will be broken,
    Here on Earth, with our lives we had to move on
    To others it must have appeared or looked like we were very
    strong, but it was all just a mask i wore to hide my pain, so
    others wouldn’t see how much i was hurting
    my Memories i cherish, and i think of you each day
    Wishing oh so much with us, you could have stayed
    As long as these memories in our hearts live on
    you have not left us, and we can carry on
    We put a smile on our face every day
    Knowing you would want it that way
    In our hearts we will forever feel the pain
    That heart break will always and forever remain
    i Re live that last night i had with you at grandads
    Knowing that something’s wasn’t quite right
    forever wondering if things might have turned out different
    if i had acted sooner, got you to hospital quicker my life is
    full of what if’s and if only’s all i know is that my life
    shattered , when the surgeon said those six little words
    “i am sorry he didn’t make it”, my only comfort is to know you
    were free from pain now, An that my dear son, at last, could
    finally have rest after all the fighting you did so hard to
    live. they brought you to us wrap up in a sheet with two little
    daffodils flowers, you just looked like you were just asleep i was willing and preying for you to wake up but you never did, we all had cuddles with you, brushed and took a small lock of your hair and some precious pictures, then we had to leave you there and
    go back to our shattered home and try to come to terms with
    loosing you, the day of your funeral was so very hard i wanted to climb into the ground with you i remember it was a lovely sunny day and some how that made it worse how could the world just carry on without you, i was robbed of my son my joy, by death,a cruel thief. A reminder for us all that life is so precious and fleeting we let go of 21 red balloons in honor of your 21 days of life. it was near on impossible to carry on, people would say arnt you over it yet or you can have other children. well i can honestly say you never get over it you learn to live with it, and as for other children yes i have had more children but they will never replace you they cant,because they arnt you. i have many regrets over your short life but one thing is certain i would do it over again in a heartbeat even if it meant having to loose you again just to have those three precious weeks with you, you were inspirational and taught us so much, To have held you in my arms and cuddle you was a great pleasure an honor. And all my life I will thankful for the time we had together, And our precious memories and pictures of you, you left behind for us. we love you loads and miss you heaps now and forever
    Dominic please give your dad a massive kiss and cuddle for me watch over us and protect us, we all miss you. and have a word with the angels and ask for a break for us let it be good news on Monday im Not sure i could take much more bad news
    Bubbles (Dominic)
    your heartbroken mummy

    Buy you your first pint and raise a glass to you…what’s that all about then?

    I’ve learned that some people will never, ever – “get it”.

    I’ve learned that ignorance isn’t an excuse for a lack of compassion.

    Such a precious little angel not knowing what was to come! TIME… This thing we spend our lives obsessing over? But why? We have as much ‘time’ as we make ‘time’ for.

    A clock only shows the hours in a day. It doesn’t showing you how much time you have spare  Or how much time you could give to someone? We spend our whole lives living in fear of not having enough time! Well my son only had 21 days on this earth. 504 hours. That’s 30,240 minutes….  This little guy fought for ever minute he had, every hour he lived! Make the most of what you have don;t waste it

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    You modified the post angel?


    Nope ure lines were from a previous post about my son on his birthday this post is the anniversary of death no doubt you will manage to fine a few lines in this one to question as well like i said above

    I’ve learned that some people will never, ever – “get it”.

    I’ve learned that ignorance isn’t an excuse for a lack of compassion.


    blimey! i got no power to fine any one to be honest.


    simple typo yet you felt the need to comment yet again, you just cant help yaself can you why you felt the need to question my original poem and dedication or this one is beyond me it a thread to dedicate a song yet you didn’t you felt the need to pick faults and question a few lines in a poem dedicated to my child well carry on if it amuse you


    blimey! what an attitude



    BIG HUG for me mate Ab xxx


    thanks  somer x


    I would like to dedicate this one to Paul Thank you x x
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