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    Bon Jovi….Legend…..



    dedicating this one to my daughter i hope you have a fab day tomz and we will have a drink for your dad for his and your birthday as well

    loves ya baby girl x

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    Classic track by Marillion…chalk hearts written on a play ground wall……


    I would like to dedicate this song to bellvue

    stay strong Beautiful lady i am posting your card tomorrow Linda kindly passed your address on to me, when you feel able and ready to pop back in JC we would love to see you bell i know the hell you are going through as i have been through it myself if you ever want to have a chat im here sweetheart :heart:   :heart:   :cry:

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    Might as well post one for Ant as well angel…..LMAo RATF PML……and before you start….i was only referring to drink and drug fueled pop starsand celebrity’s who go off the rails then expect people to feel sorry for them…..


    Might as well post one for Ant as well angel…..LMAo RATF PML……and before you start….i was only referring to drink and drug fueled pop starsand celebrity’s who go off the rails then expect people to feel sorry for them…..

    you really cant help yourself can you

    it was the words in the song  i was referring to Stay strong and don’t give up etc

    now kindly leave my posts alone if cant show some respect to a lady who right now is going through hell as her world has just collapsed around around her

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    Wonder where his friends will be for misterq..

    You know that song misterq..

    Just call out my name……and I’ll be there..

    Seriously come on q……


    [email protected] jumping out of the bushes…..


    I would like to dedicate this song to my soulmate and the father of my children even though i don’t like this song we played it for you like you asked us too :)


    Ive changed the poem that i wrote for us when Dominic died slightly because it sums up how we will remember you both.

    :cry: We Will Remember You :cry:

    With the ripples on the river
    The rustling of the trees
    The twinkle in the stars at night
    The cool whisper of the breeze

    When the nights are drawing closer
    Or the days are growing long
    We will think of you in peace now
    When we hear the thrush’s song :whistle:

    With the buzzing of the bees
    And the warm glow of the sun
    The scent from all the flowers
    Your life’s have just begun

    You know We will never forget you both
    Even as time move’s on
    :heart: There’s still that special place in our hearts :heart:
    And there you’ll always belong
    Take care of our Son until we meet again and give him a kiss & cuddle from me and tell him i love and miss you both every single day.

    Sometimes If your lucky you find a very special friend, a best friend a soul mate someone who knows exactly what you are thinking and about to say before you say it
    Someone who changes your life for the better just by being part of it!

    Someone who makes you laugh when you need to laugh,Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.
    Someone who convinces you that life is filled with doors filled with dreams and hopes for the future,
    Just waiting for you to open them!
    When you’re feeling down,And the world seems like a dark lonely and empty place,
    Your special friend lifts your spirit
    And makes that dark and empty world
    Suddenly seem bright and full!

    Your special friend gets you through
    The hard times and the sad times,
    Your special friend holds your hand
    And tells you everything is going to be all right, And life is precious and you need to fill every single second of with memories, fun, & laughter ( i am trying to do this for you) for our children.

    :-( You were, and always will be my special friend :-(

    There are moments in my life when i miss you both so much that i just want to pick you from my dreams and hug you for real!
    I so wish i could grab you and give you both a massive hug right now.
    But from now on, when it rains,
    Each of your arms will stretch across the sky
    In a great bow of color as a reminder
    That you are in peace now and back together like you should be.

    And that Rainbow is a sign of hope for tomorrow.

    My top three quotes

    Don’t count the years-count the memories
    we have so many good, sad, funny memories of you

    Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
    when i think of you i always smile, So i will try for no more tears

    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by the moments that take our breath away!
    We were lucky we got to share so many
    RIP Paul

    I have been sat here thinking over and over

    Were you in pain were you aware?
    Did you sense, I was there?
    I’ve relived that day so many time’s
    Playing it over and over again in my mind
    Just hoping I could change the ending
    Praying that you felt the love I was sending
    Begging I could have told you once more i loved you.
    sorry i didn’t post this yesterday i just couldn’t bring myself too,
    We Love and miss you always, now and forever
    your Soulmate and children


    Listen very carefully sceppers…i shall say zis only vance…LMAO RATF PML

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