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    So I got carted off to hospital in an ambulance bout 3 week ago cardiac thing I thought fckn hell I’m only 41 so anyway I gets back dying for a beer and a joint only to find while I was away they cut my internet off I’m l i ke wtf?anyway I’ve sorted it out now and to my dismay no surprise logged into jc and my thread is still on there from 3 weeks ago hence a new thread it’s embarrassing What the duck is wrong with you people just type something anything if

    This site needs sorting out or I’m going like 1oo others have.  :-(   :unsure:


    lol 41 and im 21 again :yahoo:


    Sorry I typed 4 instead of 5 by mistake but it looked good so I kept it o n

    Anyway back to my thread I keep seeing ppl blaming Martin for the lack of posters but that’s unfair

    He’s the man who provides this site

    But he cant babysit you tell you all what to type post say

    Its up to youse yunno

    So I’m going to use one of my sayings about sites


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    Looks like you’re propping the place up all by yourself rodge.


    Yeh I don’t know why I bother Andy mate.


    Think I will go and take my Nikki Hawley pics off my bedroom wall.


    That’ll be Haley rodge….unless you’re talking about the rather large girl in my geography class 55 years ago….?



    hard to see anybody here and lack of people teds to stop other visiting and staying! kiwi is sort of permanent though. Mids and couple of others pop in now and again as I do . sadly  rarely get a chat going :(


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    Yeh h but it seems a lot of ppl don’t even know what the boards are

    To me it’s second nature over the years I’ve done over 2000 threads  I’ve done over 500 here but if you get banned they wipe them off which is a bit unfair


    I never run out of threads


    I.e here’s 5 I’ve got running round my head

    Stupid little things that bug you

    2 were the Beatles and queen overrated?

    3last film you saw any good?

    4 where have all the police gone?

    5 phone addiction.


    Whats up with the chatroom’s? Having trouble getting into them.They not showing up on the screen.

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 22 total)

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