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    Jolly R , as to where have police gone.. easy low staffing levels for street officers . higher civilian intake for backroom operations and a budget to work within combined with lack of attraction for new officers ( who wants to be part of the new force .run under political aspects eg woke. colour , and other  ‘correct’ ideas and not just basic law enforcement)  :unsure:


    Cosy my sweets!!!!! we did not know you were in the hospital!!! I thought you were ban!!!!! so excuse me for mistake.  I would have baked you a cake. glad you r back, and back to your old habits.  lol   stay on chat. only then we will give you a better rating.  lol


    ;-) ;-)   ;-)




    Cosy! We didn’t know you were in the hospital. Speedy recover!!!!1 I thought you had been ban. lol. but leave it to cosy, he always comes thru  lol what is your nick this time.



    Aww shucks bellethanks I didn’t know you cared xxx

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    Hey cosy, will you please tell Martin, that for the last 2 weeks, I cannot get into chat, it tells me that page is not responding. Also his chat might be on overload, he has items in there since 1916,1917 and so forth.   Clean it up Martin. Martin your are losing business!!!!! LS



    Yeh like Martin would chat with me lol


    Hello folks……well firstly I was surprised I remembered my password!…..shame no one is posting and I know I am guilty of that too…..anyway the weather is pants here… minute sunshine the next….huuuuuge hailstones…..I know Cosy loves weather watch around the world so that was for him

    So whatsup guys……any holibops booked? ….anyone become grandparents? (be scary if anyone has become a parent as we are so fooking old now)



    Hi k well I’m going to Polan.d. In August all being well.



    Where in Poland me ol’ mukker?



Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 22 total)

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