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    As you guys are aware last year I decided to become the proprietor of the said hotel.

    Ive not told too many people here but I actually recruited some of my staff from jc.

    Needless to say ive had a few teething problems.

    With a heavy heart  I thought id read tripadvisor yesterday this is what I read.

    The concierge taking his dog on duty, Only food available for breakfast is potatoes, on that note mr just nothing head chef I just got a bill for 9k for potatoes, I knew making you head chef was a good move.

    Then if that’s not bad enough my barmaid a costly exotic import from Italy, who insists on keeping ferrets in her room, Well her ferret bit someone in a lift and she tried to blame it on another guest.

    However im ranked 845 out of 1100 b and bs in blackpool.

    Impressed? pm your cv thanks.


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    Vice President of Dolphin Hotel I am in shock reading this terrible news. Unaware of this new development I will have to gather other board members and immediately have a meeting as this violates our trustee rules water section 2.24.

    By the way who let my ferret out of my room? Did Archie cosy’s dog look for biscuits in my room again and wanted to play with jester..My My…saddened with this reading.

    Please keep me updated…


    See told you needed another holiday. I am working too many positions. Work on a better “Help Wanted Advertisement.”




    linda archies a lovely dog and cosy was a fine concierge.

    However Im trying to run a two star hotel here not blackpool zoo.

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    Well u can not fault the v.p. for services.. oops did I tell you I found a bunch of play toys in the cleaning closet department? In the lift an extra web cam for reporters. Oh and in the officers quarters a magazine on legs and feet most popular with all that hair. My my…may drop to 1 star rating! That be better ..


    i’d apply but i’m boycotting blackpool till they embrace my 1 gay per 1000 people policy

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    Paige funny you should say that me and linda are thinking of branching out.

    To Gateshead.

    Thank you for expressing a intrest in the vacancy.

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    i have a successful business selling my chips to massive company’s, they give me 5 out 5.

    *orders a box of 1000 potatos*

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    When Dolf Lundgren turns up…does some one have to say….on the tannoy…hey every one Is Dolphin?…..LMAO…..

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