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    Weird politics in my opinion….paigey apparently hates gays but has a one percent policy?….


    Mrq you are not welcome at the dolphin.

    Last thing I need is halfwits like you there.


    Lol. Archie may chew up his arse..ferret may wiggle in his shirt, and a flat tire found on his bike as leaves. Well does that mean we pay cab fare, or ticket for the tube for misterq, if he stops by?


    I arrived in Blackpool two weeks ago hoping to find a nice hotel for one night as i had an early  appointment at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital. I wish i had booked before arriving in Bpool i didnt know they had an airshow on! judging by the crowds i know we would have problems finding somewhere for the night. Traipsing the streets of blackpool it felt like Mary and joseph looking for somewhere to stay. After what seemed like miles and miles of no vacancie signs we came across a vancancy sign for the Parisienne hotel ,we ran up the worn out steps with plant pots full of cigarette stumps and enquired at the reception desk for a twin room, the young lad didnt even look up from his phone and said yeah £35 for the night then told me if id have booked online it would have been £25! i should have left then while i had the chance.

    After squeezing into a tiny lift that held 2 people we walked the rest of the way to our room, the floors were wonky you could feel the holes under your feet! im sure the carpets were holding the floors up. On entering our room and i hate saying that phrase ” gob smacked” maybe jaw dropped sounds better. I surveyed the room in shock, i sat on the only chair when i felt water dripping on my head! i looked up to see the whole ceiling was soaked along with carpets. I know Blackpool has plenty of culture but most of it was growing in this room!! I was going down to reception to complain when i heard what i thought was the tide coming in as we had a sea view when a huge crash came from the bathroom and a scream! i opened to door to find the person above had crashed through our ceiling and landed in the shower tray! I ran down the stairs to inform the uninterested man on the desk what had happened , he told me get your bags and come back to me i will find you somewhere to stay. On going back into the room i heard more rubble falling -the ceiling in the bedroom had falled in while we were downstairs. 9pm we finally checked into their sister hotel called Tiffanys which was slighty better in being safer! My head hit the pillow as i had to be at the hospital 6.30am the next morning when my rest was disturbed by fooking bingo! when that finished we had the in house compare playing old disco tunes! didnt get much sleep that night! I will be back in Bpool the end of next month for another appointment ive hopefully booked a nice hotel!. It really does pay to read reviews on trip advisor, ive added mine so no one else goes through what we did. We laugh about it now hahaha

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    I could do with some mary and joseph type punters.

    All I get here is sid and nancys.

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