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    PM me for his email addy.

    I spoke to him and he’d love to hear from you x

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    Glad he is ok the old fuddy duddy, I will be going to my friends soon, so I will pm you later as I have a very busy day ahead x


    Yeah typing shyte

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    Yeah typing shyte

    lol see Lindarella you have sussed it :yahoo:

    For the record I also made sense of what you said this time Respect x


    [email protected]…..well she always goes to the ball……….well milkman only has one….LMAO RATF PML


    Milko the one ball wonder pml x


    Milko the one ball wonder jumps on his penny farthing his great aunty wet knickers stole him from outside the local train station, and starts peddling faster than Ge headbutts his keyboard in his rocking chair to type when i’m here to make sure he knows what I know in due course, anyways I nearly strolled off the topic there, yes as milko peddles faster and faster to dover to go across  as a foot passenger with his trusted Slazenger back pack, and hitch hike and swim in his gerbil smugglers, all the way to Lindarella’s to pop that big question.

    Lindarella why the heck did you not tell me about Kev London and thin_ice having your granny poppers off before me :yahoo:

    Liquid Gold This ….. B-)


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    Oh poor scorpion going after milko trying to thru me. You have zero balls or vagina when he here  or not. Poor poor seeking attention twat. Trust me he take you down. He busy now so sure he check on your sanity later, nutter!


    AND Q. if you ever knew, or met milky, cosy (orson) lol u would need nappies.. :yahoo:


    Ma Kelly throw out a fruitcake like u.

    On your bike son.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)

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