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    Oh poor scorpion going after milko trying to thru me. You have zero balls or vagina when he here or not. Poor poor seeking attention twat. Trust me he take you down. He busy now so sure he check on your sanity later, nutter!

    Thank you for your full attention Lindarella you may go to the ball pml x


    have to agree milky is a right twat….like so many others coms into slagg off others mostly then goes on about justice etc…zzzz zzzz give my regards to orson


    Lord Chief Justice Milko has been sighted running down the m1, shouting ” Kev London I want Lindarellas virginity back you horrible little bollock ” Anyways just before he was arrested they found bobs address in his Le shark pants ;-)

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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