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    Beautiful.. beautiful photos.  What fantastic memories to make!


    Ta x x x x x

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    Wow, I need to get away. Lucky girl. ILU


    fair can you tell us all what town and country and what places all your pics are please :good:

    oh and who the ,,,k is that dude your with :unsure:

    get rid immediately lol….on a serious note stay safe and enjoy every second of your adventure :bye:


    Lol budha.

    In order, the first 2 are the view from the terrace at the BnB, Port la Nouvelle southern France, then out side and inside the colloseum in Rome. The one with all the statues I think is called the apinine road. Then the trevi fountain all Rome. Then the hire car I got (great fun btw!). A scarf I picked up in Milan and a fountain there in a beautiful square with cafes. Then me ready for a night on the tiles. Lounging by the pool in Monte Carlo (typical holiday snap had to be done lol). The view from the rooftop bar at the hotel in Milan and finally the shore of lake Como.

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    And the guy I’m with is my knight in shining armour lol.

    Went to a renaissance fair and was watching the jousting. Threw him my scarf as he passed and eventually caught up and swapped numbers lol

    And still more,,,

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    ty fair x keep posing i mean posting lol or do i anyway stay safe and enjoy your adventure of a lifetime :good:


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    And my new threads, had to pick something nice.


    fantastic photos keep em coming :good:


    Picked up some new wheels today. Cheap find at a charity shop but will do for cruising around.


    And my little project to keep me occupied in the evenings.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 24 total)

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