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    For many just keeping things tidy in home especially closets not always easy due to our schedules or hectic life styles.

    However I do make many efforts to organize, clean, sort, toss or add in but be better able to find things in need.

    This project directed for spring and fall. I move furniture around, dust, prepare, just twist the old making new so to speak.

    Most fun or hard work can be arranging those larger closets which some times become too cluttered or a dump havan for another time to put away.

    I will admit, may toss in or about waiting perhaps till another day.

    Worked on this several hours other day. Cleaning, organizing, searching..threw out multiple items like say what? Why you in here. Found things for good will, pet shelters,  homeless for winter. Found 2 xmas presents for some one from last year, umm should I save or what for this xmas. Recycle I loved that used by a chatter in f3. Nope, I opened, forgot, loved and kept. Heeee…

    Whew now I have much room. But secretly this done because now the good season for yard sales, garage sales, tag sales for items I most likely don’t need. Too funny. But find a new home with me. Shh tell no one of my passion for others treasures. Lol lol.

    Find anything interesting in your closet lately?

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    Lol Linda… I hear ya !!!  I love cleaning and having a good sort out. Can’t abide being in an untidy space, I don’t hoard anything, hate clutter, but when you find something you’d forgotten you had that’s a bonus !! I’m quite ruthless, there’s no ‘ it may come in handy’, if I haven’t used it in 6 months it goes, if its a mistake I’ll get another one lol. I couldn’t relax and read a book if I knew there were for example , dishes in the kitchen or the bathroom was untidy just like  I couldn’t sleep in an unmade bed. Maybe I’m a bit OCD, but that’s just me. When all around me is calm, clean and tidy, then I can relax lol. :yes:   :wacko:   :unsure:

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    I too used to be a” just in case” ” it just might come in handy ” kind of person. This started when i bought a huge shed! i wont clutter the house but the sheds a different story. The plan this coming weekend is to be ruthless and sort it out! the daughters calling down for any good stuff to sell at the car boot sale. I dont buy christmas pressies i tell people not to buy for me. We all donate £10 each and give it to the MacMillan cancer support charity that way i dont get rubbish smelly stuff that i have to get rid of after christmas. Just had another thought! gawd knows whats up in the loft! sleeping bags, xmas stuff, suitcases! thats a job for another day :-)

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    cleaning fun, how can it? do u have o.c.p.d…..

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    Lol Jn, scep.

    Well you ever hear an expression,

    “Woman’s work never done?”

    I have no o. c.p.d either. However for years including in my youth till present day I have always been simply organized to find things jobs as well working behind desks so to speak could not leave paperwork undone, or task left for next day. Completed. Each day new

    So basically guess has followed me thru. I am not only an open eye keeping house organized and clean, but behind the scenes one as well. Inside where people dont usually look.

    So how many hours in a day? I agree 24 hours. But sometimes..rushing home or tired from project I get like oh heck put away..will place away another day. So I place things in closets. I forget. Days go on. Closets basically considered storage areas that what I may do..or my towels set up, holiday displays, toss back in for next round..

    Sometimes we forget how much we have. Keep storing in those areas. And then one day you have to get in there, sort and clean. Dust, wash. I want no spider webs and nests looking at me haaaaa…

    So becomes fun as I forgot things purchased long ago not used, or presents I forgot. You laugh at things stored and say, why I buy that? I not need it…there it is, went out purchased another. So closet sorting can be a mystery too. What you got hidden, lost treasures…or junk just toss. Worn…time to buy new! Yipee….


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    Now forget the jacket closet where the rain gear, boots, scarfs, hat sit. Reminder of extra clothing or bad weather coming.

    Yesterday, geez dropped down 50 degrees in temperatures too fast… I had the normal summer clothing out, appointment I needed a heavier jacket uggs. So not want to put that on. But well sorting needing it.

    Funny thing today suppose to be hot again, humid for next week days..we have this tornado Florence coming our way in few days. Forget umbrella need, dont work in heavy rains, wind. Hats, well I not wear really.. boots, old. Worn..need to toss. Looked at last snow storm here lol. April 12th. 2018. See ya never know.. but need new boots….so will replace soon..haaaaa.


    LIND if u like it and u do it as a obs then u will have o.c.p.d most of us if not all people have a routine i blv, i know i have it as i like to have dinner every 3 hours.

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    Thing is just…..monkey say and monkey do…..monkey likes is another matter all together….

    As the saying goes…..the chain is only ever as reliable as it’s weakest link….


    I  got a Betamax I found in a skip, picture of a crying clown and 1600 copys of roy of the rovers.

    Was going to car boot it but if anyone wants it in chat pm me


    [email protected] Betamax……i prefer Weetabix my self….LMAO rATF PML

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