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    Hi Martin, I just wanted to say….. ” Hi Martin :bye:  ”


    Hi Martin, I just wanted to say….. ” Hi Martin :bye:

    Lol :mail:


    👋 Hello! 👏


    Hello too


    any plans for the scroll bars to be fixed martin?


    any plans for the scroll bars to be fixed martin?

    I did just notice that the background color for the userlist in f1 and f2 wasn’t the same as f3 for some reason. I just updated it in those forums, which should make the userlist scroll bar easier to see. If that’s not what you were referring to, please let me know!


    Hey Martin when do I get to be disco beaver? LOL

    VIP membership means I can change my name every month lol

    Is the time not up yet?

    I think you will agree the name really suits me


    Like a wee child seeking approval, if you want to change my name back to Mizzy I would be ok with that too xx

    I only upgraded in order to change my name, but I am only just me whatever the name lol

    Miss the old days Martin.  Being Cinderella or a teapot was so much fun lol

    I’m just one of the many odd diverse seriously screwed up characters that come to your site




    but  in saying that martin I have paid for VIP.  So you really should change my name when I ask you. I pay for VIP. please do as I ask or there is no point and I may cancel. ba ba baaaaaaaaa big drama lol x

    it does say you can change your name every month but you keep draggin your heels and that’s not right even if you are probably looking out for me.  you choose disco beaver or mizzy just do it as I have paid. honour your vip membership or I will cancel it


    Sorry to have to say but do not pay for VIP membership thinking that you will get your name changed every month.  He really doesn’t for some reason want to.  I don’t know why.  I know he is busy but why say you can pay 1.99 a month saying you can have your name changed then not do it? Why does he want me to be known? why wont he just automatically change my name every month when I have paid for that?


    I paid for VIP membership so why hasn’t he been changing my name every month?

    it says I can have a new name every month

    its not true he hasn’t changed my name and its been over a month





    @chathostuk  yes i seen the color difference aswell and see it has now been changed to be =. but in fact that was not the target prob i and others have moan about in the chat rooms, 1. prob is that when u scroll it goes to fast,  like u scroll and it just moved down or up to the top to fast, but i dont think i am explaining it right, also the 2. probs  other probs are in the screenshot   –

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