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    if you really knew me my despise of them rag bastards holds no bounds

    but what is worse fckn ppl with no affinity to salford supporting yoonited

    my 2 best mates percy and pabs are utd fans yeh we have some banter but people like you make me sick youve never even been to old scaffold im from cheetham hill m18 which is border line manc,salford so yanno i  dont mind if perce or pabs give me rice if likl citeh the noisy neighbours lol get beat which we never do

    but what i cant fckn stand is some somerset half wit come on yoonited

    you have no affiliation dedication to anything be it manc or salford you are just a fat lump of lard guzling away at your tv prob eating popcorn you fat fckn bastard

    why do they call it a manchester derby anyway? its not we are mancs they are salford two entirely diferent cities but you wouldnt know that you ignoramus

    let me leave you with thisn

    why do we call them the rags? oh i know cos they were that skint we gave them our cast offs

    2,whehn their  ground got bombed in 1941 we said oh shame train at ours

    3,when those tramps got into europe they didnt have any floodlights so we saiduse ours

    fck all

    so when i see eejits like you posting oim a yoonited fan

    just fck off and suck my dik.



    tell that to yer wasap group you kniting [email protected]



    LOL. Just one more wanna be Man U fan but hasn’t the balls to come out the closet  :bye:


    Poor old Cozy will be finishing his rants off with “Give My Regards To Orson” soon.  :bye:



    Cozy.Is that you logged in or has Mr Q got your login?



    is it fcck soms mr q can suck my mammoth

    hey but id like to say sorry to you for my rant explosion

    fckn sad posting that wannit?

    but hey good  news had an appt with my keyworker charlie aka charlene,i tell  you what shes sound as a mouse her,she sort of placated me,so yanno im back now

    sorry if i caused any bother and that :good:


    also id like to say a big fck off ty to lauren who saved me from eviction, horizon is a charity organisation ,which and they do believe me help  the homeless alkies.drug addicts

    worth their weight in gold they are :good:

    so if any of youse lot have any spare change send it to them

    it wont go amiss.


    No probs Cosy. A deep breath before firing   Will make things look better. Just a shame your team couldn’t do a proper job as Ole is still there!!!!


    i hope he does the inept baby faced  buffoon


    Helloo Sommers good to see you on here. it has been years. This is or use to be Bellevue and now Lupe.
    Guess you and cosy are rivals friends. lol. not to worry, he loves to be the center of attention. My bed time good nite.

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