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    In hindsight my username joining the Christian forum of “Satan Has Arrived” could have been better chosen but they didn’t seem open to new ideas. :unsure:

    Lol! Love it!

    Maybe you should try “Intellectual sheep”



    There will always be people that put you down, mock you for how you look, or how you act, how you spell, whatever…. are you really gonna let them get to you?

    If you get abuse in the room, block whoever is doing it. By posting about it you show that you care, that whatever theyve said affects you. Now, if you wanna thrash it out, fine, but posting a thread about someone who cant respond isnt fair, thats what i think anyway.

    I do things my own way right or wrong,thanx for the advice though. ;-)


    Hate to be the barer of bad news Nem but I’m a mate of cosys like I said and we go on pats chat and Jamie told everyone that you pretended to be your own sister and said you had died.

    Jamie has said many many bad things about you behind your back.  That is why I saw this thread and her comments and felt compelled to speak out.

    And if you don’t believe me ask anyone who goes on patschat.

    Its a fact.

    Please do get well but do not allow people like Jamie to get to you when you are in your most vulnerable state.

    Be careful who you trust.  Can you ever really trust someone who is an alcoholic?  They are one person one day and a different person the next.

    And the worst thing is, she also cannot be trusted for the very fact she cares so much about what other people think.  She will betray anyone if she feel it will make her more popular.

    She has said awful things about you behind your back.

    Trust no one and just look after you.



    Did you go on patschat and say you had died and that you were your own sister?

    Jamie said you did.

    To be honest cosy said you did and so did GE.

    Do people who go on patschat lie?

    Anyway I am sure you didn’t go on patschat and lie about being your own sister and saying you had died – talk to Jamie about this – shes was the one spreading the rumour.


    and ask around.

    Ask around.  you will find all the evidence you need.




    I am not posting on the boards Mizzy, specifically because of games like this, but i’ll make an exception for you. Don’t involve me in your board shittery. If I have anything to say, i’ll say it, in the meantime keep me out of your petty feuds.

    Thank you.



    #1110205 have many hats and disguises and play games well. I as well speak to cosy often enough. In all honesty, you speak very poorly of jamief..more than I ever heard him say. He has had issues and multiple at times with her, but what I read from go on and on and on spewing your input which really not important to rehash old news. Both cosy and jamief have been hurt with each other and have said some terrible stuff..he tries to amend his ways..often enough jamief does too. She tries too! Both try..Communication not always expressed easily.  So move on. Thanks. Reappear after awhile again when it suits your low class entertainnent.

    And by the way you playing cosy when he not in as I know for fact he not there when I am there and says he there? :unsure:


    To me, the great tragedy of this thread is the way it quickly degenerated from the lovely and moving verses of Rose, who began it so beautifully.

    :cry: :cry:

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    And this artful Dodger who says speaks to cosy speaks again mistruths. If cosy could write here he tell you himself not know who person is really. Why this person saying that, cosy unsure…speaks to him etc..daily so forth..patchats..he not know..whom is.. why would cosy lie? What he benefit from all this using him instead as he can not respond. Cosy..”Bloody hell mad” so Dodger leave him out if it. Thank you..


    P.s. and if this mizzy..he said “HELL NO” He told people to stay away from her site….


    Linda please stop talking about my past.Thats up to me and so is my relationship with cosy.What i do on my recovery is my busines until i tell it.I know cosy very well and have done for a long time.My relationship with Mizzy is the same.I know her and i deal with her how i see fit.

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