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    Thank fuck its almost xmas.Gives Artful Dodger (aka Mizzy) the biggest wooden spoon  going. Stir away you silly fuckwitt!!!


    Jamief. Not speaking on your behalf.. sorry not clear enough. Told u in f3 other day up front he very upset he can’t post here directly. What goes on with you and him..I not care.. but I told you hurting O.k. simple enough. So talk to him about what I tried to do here for you both. As far as the other one. She on her own.  WILL never ever have any involvement with her in any form, shape, forgiveness..never..u have no clue what she did to me..never ever forgive. dont include me with her ever. Never ever ever try to help her again. Final..done..finished..hands washed. Walked away..

    Just lied on threads how much she talks to him. I not take on a battle with u jamief ever or your past. Simply not there, not know. But for present I know how cosy feels. What was discussed in his sad thoughts. So take it as helping him or not. I was more so focused on him..not you. Sorry you misunderstood..


    I dont want to talk to cozy though.Im in a procarias position myself in my recovery.I need to consintrate on myself before i can be any good to anyone.I dont need to start the same cycle with cosy,as i sed before many times i have forgiven cosy for the vile abuse he has given me.I dont need that,its just not good for me just now.I wish cosy the very best.Please understand and let this be the end of it.

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    is any one else bored to fook with this cosy thread

    I mean who is cosy

    just some lame duck who is banned  :negative:


    Why bother reading it?


    I thought the thread was about earl grey tea and a cosy to keep it warm


    Why bother reading it?

    because I like to see you feeling like a victim  :heart:


    Well whatever keeps you happy.  :whistle:

Viewing 9 posts - 61 through 69 (of 69 total)

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