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    The vet I use has a seperate room for this, beautifully furnished and a calm ambience with soft lighting, not like a vets at all. I fully understand why owners can’t face being there, it is gut renching experience and but I agree with the article and I do think that it is selfish in the pets last minutes if the owner can’t put their feeling aside for a few minutes and be there for the pet and to comfort the pet.

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    Fine article full of straight up passion scep. , truth.

    Only once did that happen to me as I have been a multiple owner of pets over many many years. Most of my pets acquired by a friend veterinarian who called me several time to take a pet off his hands that an owner may have abandoned..or abuse of one needing a home..

    Most of my pets as long as I saw not suffering died in my home in the peace and comfort of their favorite spot. One cat in a corner of a closet where he played all the time with my daughter’s belts hung. Always tried to pull them down to play. A dog near my fireplace loved in the winter his bedding.

    But I too when hit with a 22 year old cat was devastated. Had a massive stroke. Was not walking straight, eyes funky. Rushed him over. Thought I could keep him comfortable at home to end. My vet said no was suffering. I wanted to leave room as I too thought I would die from decision necessary for the comfort of my pet. I was told no matter what condition in, the scent of me still provided comfort. A quick injection I thought it would take few minutes. Talking, crying, my vet comforting me told me few minutes later he already gone. Supposedly once injected, goes very quick…

    Article so true. Thanks scep for sharing!


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    As some of you know I’ve been through this heart breaking experience quite recently. I have always held my pet as they passed and always kept talking calmly, saying I’m there and that I love them, ( the talk they recognise ) till the vet has checked that the heart has actually stopped. The most recent experience wasn’t pleasant at all, I won’t go into detail but I felt the Vet in question was very inexperienced. I would advise on insisting your pet has a sedative first such as benzodiazepine, ( a simple sub-cut jab )  before the actual lethal injection. This immediately calms them and makes them sleepy. If the pet is elderly or has an illness it can be harder for the vet to find a vein easily. Its far less distressing to the animal if they have had a sedative first, before the vet starts digging around with a needle. It may cost maybe £20 more, but surely worth it to ensure our much loved pets are stress free and comfortable when they leave us.

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    Agree with the article. Losing a pet is the crappy part of owning a pet,and you owe it to them,to be there at the end. It’s heartbreaking,I have been through it many times and each time,it breaks my heart. When I lost hammy,I cried for days. Yes,a little hamster. Loved her so much.

    I cant understand people not being there for their pets. That’s just wicked. Grow a spine and put aside your feelings for the sake of your pet.

    Moosey I didnt know you had recently lost a pet. Hugs. xx

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    Teacher lost a pet once…..think the name was sceppers….LMAO RATF PMl

    In all honesty though……people get very emotional about pets and fair enough…..there part of the family……..funny thing i find though(in my opinion and dog lovers especially) they seem to care more about animals than humans……

    Dogs are like computers……well better actually……as dogs can be controlled,never answer back and don’t have the freedom to think for them selves….only to a certain extent…

    Fanatical dog lovers tend to treat people like dogs (in my opinion of course)

    Reminds me of a great joke……what did the dying dog say as it died?…well i’ll be dogggone…..LMAO RATF PML

    Have a great week……




    In all honesty though……people get very emotional about pets and fair enough…..there part of the family……..funny thing i find though(in my opinion and dog lovers especially) they seem to care more about animals than humans……

    And why shouldn’t they ? Depends on the Humans. Some ‘Humans’ don’t deserve caring about and do deserve to be treated worse than dogs.

    You just voice an ‘opinion’ because you can… there is no point to it, most don’t even make any sense

    In all honesty though……people get very emotional about pets and fair enough…..there part of the family……..

    And your point is what ? People get attached to their pets. No Shit Sherlock.

    Pointless, mind numbing drivel….

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    This is really horrible and unhelpful to those who’ve lost pets in this way. Bad post.


    I suppose it is bad if you left your pet at that time. I’d feel very guilty …  just saying


    I am in between rock and hard place at the moment with desperation.

    Not sure if my cat tried to take in, but have a baby chipmunk in my home for almost a week now.. uggg…

    My elderly dog having difficulty with his hind legs., rather than rush him, he still wants own independence I left my entrance door open some make it easier for access when he ready.

    As my huntress cat usually instigator of unknown welcome animal kingdom here ending up in my home…this baby extremely smart…he alive. Lol.

    Few morning back while sitting talking on phone, came out from under my bed. Looked at me, I at him. Realizing our contact, lol..took off again under my bed…

    Now not seeing for few days thought leaving door open he got out. My cat sure not bring me new toy.

    Moments ago coming around corner of my hallway..looked at him, he at me..took off. Now in my living room….lol…well got doors open for him to exit. Hope he exits soon or he will be in burial detail. Lol.. not sure why cat not find yet.

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