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    Sarah is very special to me….she always was and is my greatest friend….you talk about puke buckets linda but then you harp on about Whitney…who in reality died a junkie….how do you justify that?…Bobby Browns fault?……..LMAO RATF PML


    Is Sarah Dr in the house?


    Do not take Linda on, she was once engaged to Donald Trump but being a Mexican they wouldn’t approve her residency.

    Thems the breaks.



    I smell farts..these 2 posters!

    Air spray..thank you..

    Have nice day..waves…

    Oh guess Mr. Q. getting his satisfaction finally.



    P.s. I loved Whitney Houston the artist..the voice majestic, strong and proud. Had much going on in her personal life. What a tradegy and young..her only daughter died same way.  Do I blame Bobby Brown..He one whom got her addicted to drugs in first place. Keep working..make money.. but she too had choices to better her self..understand tried several times. Sadly her will power network perhaps not really there for her…

    R.I.P. whitney..many of us around the globe miss your awesome talent..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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