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    GD I don’t know you very well, though I have come to have a giggle with you in the quiz, I certainly didn’t know Poet, unfortunately

    I think things like this terrible tragedy, also show us how different we all are and how we deal with things.  I’m pretty sure most of us, at our ages have lost people we love, some not so close, some soooo close it feels like your heart is ripped out , some retreat  , others reach out, from what I know you and Poet met online and knew many people here, so to you, if not other newer chatters, it makes perfect sense to share with his and your friends ,online some details . Others should stop and think, not everyone has family, friends in abundance ,   why not just be kind and not so judgemental       at some point we all lose people we love.  It will happen to YOU !!! Grieving someone you love and miss is hard enough, idiots with no common decency make us all look bad.   At the end of the day,  ‘ put yourselves in their place’  and think before you speak.  Be kind to yourself GD x


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    sorry  that post was based on an IDIOT,  who thinks he is clever making a nasty comment after GD’S post about Poets funeral. It has been removed. Keyboard Bullies     What would your mom think about your bullying vile behaviour ?  you aren’t ‘ shocking ‘  or ‘ controversial ‘    get a grip   you look very sad !!


    Ariston is doing a good Quiz, thanks ari x

    It’s not a easy task taking it on, i know, iv’e done a few, and i got slated more than once.

    GD has to be praised for all her efforts to keep Quiz room going.

    Many thanks to both of you.

    Jan x






    Heya GD.Sorry to hear about Poet.I have been given a nice message for you from an ex chatter but she dont want it on the boards.Could you send me a pm so i can send it to you please?


    This only applies to a singular comment from me… one need comment and no need need get offended…..ex-chatter? LMAO



    Love and light xx

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Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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