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    We’ve all seen the spamming but guests can’t block like members can so in the end they’re all spamming eachother but as I found last night the new paid accounts work but it does mean for privacy or those on a low income some can’t get an account. It seems like a rational thing to suggest that a member could invite a guest to become a member and after a year if they want to they can keep the account and pay or go back to being a guest. That way the site obtains more members but also regs who have been unable to get an account can have one. Obviously probably members couldn’t give unlimited invites but even one would be a good thing. It’s also good to note that you can pay by PayPal so this security concern maybe overrated slightly. Often I’m talking to members because guests trying to abuse members forget,we can block faster now so you’re effectively giving yourselves a hard time. They could remove guests all together to stop the spamming if you continue and I don’t think that’s what everyone wants.

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    Hi Sara, nice to see someone else posting.


    Or alternatively, if numbers had iggy it wouldn’t be a problem for anyone, including those who can iggy but choose not to?


    Perhaps one of the hosts/guides can put it to Martin.





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    Try to iggy. Can only do one at a time..then come in fast multiple numbers..difficult..

    Why does sarapepsimax not write her suggestions in email then herself?


    I RESPECTFULLY REQUEST..that cosy be reinstated. He been bad some times perhaps, less than what I see by the pros here in names and numbers.

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    [email protected]…….linda seems rather desperate for cozy to be er reinstated…….wonder why?

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